Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Recap Tuesday

Nigerian Nightmares-112
Roscoe Village Hot Dogs-105

Like most contests this season, this matchup went down to the Sunday night Bears-Eagles game and like most Bears games this season, the Hot Dogs were left scratching their heads. LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson single handedly won this game for the Nigerian Nightmares. The Hot Dogs had the lead until the 4th quarter, and the Philly D and Hot Dog Nightmare Jay Cutler simply couldn't keep up. I knew it was you, Jay Cutler, you broke my heart.

Hoosier Heat-100
The Goat Locker-89

Steady as she goes, Mr. Hackman. Hoosier Heat continues to win at the right times and stays atop PG South. The Pats D went a long way to helping the Heat win (although the same cannot be said about Devery Henderson). As for the Goat Locker, I'm not quite sure about the Ryan Moats start. I mean, I get it, he broke off 126 yards and 3 scores a few weeks back, but in the words of Janet Jackson, what have you done for me lately? Chad Ochocinco needs to stop twittering and start concentrating on helping The Goat Locker, what a brutal slump. And after taking a look at the Goat Locker's running back corp, I'd be very concerned.

CO Giants-88
Jimmy's Daddy-76

I never thought I would see the day, but Giant Mike is leading his fantasy football division. The Daddy's missed a golden opportunity to wrap up the sub-par PG North, but the long slog continues. With two consecutive 20 point performances, Sidney Rice has cemented himself as the leader of the Giant receiver corp (and a dangerous leader at that). With running backs at a premium, Hef is going to have a hard time hanging on to this division with Justin Fargas and Pierre Thomas at the helm.

Tallcorn Cobras-91
Berwangers Brawlers-70

T-Dub with a pretty easy victory this week, with Terrell Owens COMIN OUT OF THE BOOTH!!!!!! That's two weeks of good production and only time will tell if he'll return to fantasy prominence. It has to be frustrating to decide week after week who to start, Beanie Wells or Tim Hightower? This could get him into trouble down the stretch. Hey Ger, it might be time to give Devin Hester a seat.

Chimps Gone Wild-132
The Rockpile-93

The Matt Schaub-Andre Johnson one-two punch can be flat out dangerous, as it was last night (with a combined 37 points). When you're putting up a 132 spot, it's gonna be almost impossible to win (I don't care who you are). Toss loss for the Rockpile, who can't seem to get it together this season. Although he has to be excited by Justin Forsett and Jason Snelling, who have emerged as two serious fantasy threats. If they can continue the output, don't count The Rockpile out.

Lawndale Longhorns-116
Rusty Trombones-115

How many close games can the Trombones be in? And two close losses in a row, has to hurt. This might be weird to say, but the player 3K blames for his week 11 woes is none other than Jay Cutler!! You know you're a shitty quarterback when you are causing fantasy teams that you are not on to lose. New Linc is pacing quite well, and positioning himself to make a run in PG South. All he has to do is figure out when to play or sit Roy Williams, and he'll be ok.


Cornholers said...

This was a very tough loss, but my hats off to my opponent for the 116 spot he put up. Made my catch-up all the more harder.

I've also had time to reflect on Cutler's performance, and missed opportunities in the end zone. I think Olsen wasn't where he was suppose to be, and Hester ran the wrong route (the 2nd time). Cutler isn't entirely to blame, but they are frustrating to watch.

PG said...

I think if Cutler was your starting quarterback, you'd be signing an entirely different tune.

New Linc said...

Sunday night was the first night in my time playing fantasy football that I kept one my on the game and the other on our league website.

The close score certainly made me appreciate every McNabb pass and Olson reception all the more.

Cornholers said...

Thanks for making it sting just a little bit more New Linc.

Put it this way, my app screen couldn't be refreshed quick enough for me during Sunday nights game. It got so bad that I was hoping for a 6 yard reception for Olsen just to get me an extra 1 point.

These close damn matchups are getting ridiculous. 1 friggin' point. Before long we will have ourselves our first tie!

Cornholers said...

Hey, everyone.....do me a favor and send in your league dues. Only 3 of the 12 have sent in thus far (that's including me!) and I want payout to winner(s) to be done as soon as possible after the season.

Send in your money fools;)

New Linc said...

Are we talking football or baseball league dues? I mailed in my baseball but haven't paid for football yet.

Also, are we making football a keeper or limited-keeper league? It is never too early to start planning for the future!

Michael said...

Two keeper leagues? Wow, that could be interesting...

Sorry about the late money, its coming.

Never thought you would see the day, huh, PG. I think you are taking a shot at me. Thats cool. I know it only matters if I am on top at the end.

If anyone is watching the Broncos Giants on Thursday, look for me, I will be one of the thousands of G Men fans there.

Mike said...

Tough season for the Pile. My draft picks in rounds 2-5 have all missed time, or are out for the season so I have had to scramble. Combine that with the fact that my opponents are averaging nearly 100 points per game against me (highest in the league), and that just spells trouble.

The good news is that Jimmy Claussen got punched in the face. Unrelated to this fantasy league? Perhaps, but I needed something to laugh at.

League dues - I was just going to cut 3k a check once I received my fantasy baseball winnings, but it appears Commissioner PG's connection to Chicago politics has rubbed off on him and he has wired that money into his own offshore account.

Cornholers said...

It should be known that fantasy baseball dues fantasy football dues are entirely separate. 2 different leagues, 2 different commissioners.

You will find the info. to send your money on the league website homepage. I also promise, as your commissioner, to receive all monies and disperse to said winners in a timely manner. None of this PG bullshit where you play in a league and don't get paid. Hence the league name....THIS TIME WE GET PAID!!

Cornholers said...

Oh, and there has been no talk of making this a keeper league. I believe keeper league was only for baseball.

Wade said...

Keeper leagues can only be called as such before a season ...

I'll send you some money, kid. Overdue, done.

Please answer to playoff entry question, that would be greeeaaat.

Mike said...

3k - As a businessman, and as someone who has collected about 2/12 of the fantasy football money, you should be happy that I have responded and have provided my plan on how I am going to pay my football dues. Sure, I could mail you a check right now, but I figure if you are up in arms enough about this, then that increases the odds that I actually get paid for my fantasy baseball finish. If I mail you a check now, and with PG's sole communication being blog and text, then the Rockpile may never see their money for what was an admirable 3rd place finish.

As stated, once PG pulls my fantasy baseball money out of his Swiss account, I will pay for this league. My original plan was to just have PG flip you whatever I owe being that you two live in the same state, but it sounds like we are going to have to rely on the United States Postal service.

PS - I still think it is funny that Jimmy Claussen was punched in the face.

Daddy said...

What is the deal with this league...


Playoffs? does it go by divisions or by total record? how is seeding done? how many teams make the playoffs? etc

I have never seen anything about finances or rules for this league. While Jimmy is not the quickest to pay out (which I cannot really complain about as it was less than 3 years), he did provide rules. I wasn't even sure if this was a money league until a few weeks ago when people started asking about payments.

Robertjsva said...

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