Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Top Quarterbacks-Week 8

Aaron Rodgers-Lawndale Longhorns-34 points
Brett Favre-Goat Locker-33 points (Did not start)
Tony Romo-Berwangers Brawlers-27 points
Donovan McNabb-Rusty Trombones-26 points
Matt Hasselbeck-Chimps Gone Wild-21 points
Drew Brees-Jimmy's Daddy-20 points
Joe Flacco-Roscoe Village Hot Dogs-13 points (Did not start)
Eli Manning-Jimmy's Daddy-13 points (Did not start)
Peyton Manning-Goat Locker-13 points
Philip Rivers-CO Giants-13 points
Matt Ryan-Nigerian Nightmares-11 points
Jay Cutler-Roscoe Village Hot Dogs-10 points
Jake Delhomme-Hoosier Heat-9 points
Kurt Warner-Rockpile-9 points
Matt Schaub-Chimps Gone Wild-8 points
Kyle Orton-Rusty Trombones-7 points
Marc Bulger-Tallcorn Cobras-5 points
David Gararrd-Berwangers Brawlers-3 points


Michael said...

I am still wondering how TCC got 2 extra points between Sunday and Monday??

Daddy said...

Anyone want Eli? open to trade offers...

Cornholers said...

CO Giants, I've went through T-Dubs final stats for the Week and it equates to 99 points. I did not track his final Sunday pts. to his beginning pts on Monday but I will say that sometimes DFRs are updated over night. The Bears DST had 3 DFRs on Sunday, at 2 points a piece.

Hope that lessens the sting. Tought loss.

Michael said...

Yeah, just weird, went to bed with him having 74 points. Tough loss regardless.

Thanks for clearing that up.