Wednesday, November 11, 2009


In a surprising Veteran's Day Move, the Roscoe Village Hot Dogs have traded star wideout Reggie Wayne to The Rockpile for running back Thomas Jones.

"This is all about shaking things up", said Hot Dogs GM PG, "what we're doing right now clearly isn't working, our running game is non-existent".

"At 2-7, I had to", declared Rockpile GM Bronco Mike, "I have the #2 rushing offense but am last in receiving, so I was in a position to make the move".

Thomas Jones has amassed 704 rushing yards with 7 touchdowns this season (with 433 of those yards coming in his last 3 games). Reggie Wayne has 753 yards receiving, finding the end zone 6 times thus far.

With the Roscoe Village Hot Dogs posting a 3-6 record and The Rockpile at 2-7, the trade is being looked at as a last ditch effort to save their respective seasons.

"It's now or never, if we don't start winning some ball games, we can kiss the playoffs goodbye", quipped PG.


Michael said...

Not a bad trade, both teams get someone they can start and address their weaknesses.

Wow, only what 2nd trade for football this year?

Cornholers said...

Seems to me that the emergence of Miles Austin made Reggie Wayne just a tad more expendable.

Thomas Jones is a workhorse who continually pounds out the yards. The fact that the Jets are the #1 rushing team in the league helps. Especially when every team in the NFL seems to abandon the run these days.

Gotta say, that this trade is kind of ho-hum for me. I'm not feeling necessarily threatened these days by the Rockpile or Hot Dogs. Kind of like the Bucs beating the Packers over the weekend....just a warm little fuzzy feeling, like "oh that's nice, they won a game. good for them".

PG said...

Sounding pretty confident for a team that is going to get their ass HANDED to them this weekend.

This is a marathon, not a sprint, 3K. And I'm not even close to being done this week (or this season, for that matter).

In the words of David Chappelle playing Rick James, "I'm just getting staaaarted!!!!

Cornholers said...

In the words of Charlie Murphy we'll call this weeks matchup "shirts vs. blouses"!

PG said...

"Shoot the J....SHOOT IT!!!"

Cornholers said...


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