Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Recap

Roscoe Village Hot Dogs-60
Rusty Trombones-57


Berwangers Brawlers-68
The Goat Locker-67

The Ger is hanging by a very thin thread here and in his words..."he's got the Ravens D, lights out". The Ger is correct, Team Locker not only has a potent Ravens D, they also have Derrick Mason going tonight. With a Trombone loss, the Goat Locker is poised to reclaim at least a share of first place in PG West. FOOTNOTE-Is the Goat Locker worried about competing down the stretch with his current receiver corps?

The Rockpile-114
Tallcorn Cobras-100

Bronco Mike already enjoying the Reggie Wayne-Thomas Jones blockbuster, as Reggie rips off 24 fantasy points this week (including the game winner). Amazing. This loss is excruciating for T-Dub, as he could have tied it all up in PG Central. My guess is Beanie Wells will be starting next week.

Jimmy's Daddy-111
Lawndale Longhorns-80

Hef continues to keep that Dalai Lama fantasy karma going with a big win over the Lawndale Longhorns. Sure, Linc has Ray Rice going tonight, but there's no way he's getting 32 points for the win. Who does he think he is, Randy Moss? The No Doz "Caught Sleeping Behind The Wheel" Award goes to New Linc this week with his Kevin Boss play. That's No Doz....wake up, turbo!!!

CO Giants-138
Nigerian Nightmares-30

Talk about two extremes, Giant Mike has the best week of his life while Old Linc has the absolute worst week of his life. The result, a 108 point differential. I must say, if the CO Giants are running on all cylinders, ain't nobody beatin em!!! RB Chris Johnson goes all Rhianna on the Buffalo D and that's all she wrote. Pretty embarrassing that Giant Mike could have sat his entire team, just played Chris Johnson....and still won. BTW, Old Linc, did you really call me a windbag on my voicemail Friday night?

Chimps Gone Wild-82
Hoosier Heat-81

I think Mr. Hackman needs a hug. First, Favre embarrasses the Packer faithful two weeks ago, rendering him permanently bitter. Now, Joseph Addai can't close last night with 20 more yards (10 for the tie). That injury in the middle of the game HAD to hurt. The silver lining, however, is that every other team in his division lost as well.


Cornholers said...

Yeah, that's me...the guy on the Baltimore sidelines putting grease on Todd Heap's gloves. 2 fumbles out of him tonight and I win this sucka!

Cornholers said...

This week was the 2nd time this season that I had a #1 WR go unnoticed in his offense. First Hines Ward did it a couple weeks ago, having only 1 catch and now Vince Jackson does it last night. 1 fuckin' catch. What the heck?

And a big FU to CBS for mind-fuckin' me with the Betts injury.

And lastly, how many times is Pittsburgh going to fuck me this year? I feel like a Russian mail-order bride who just stepped out of the container at the docks!

PG said...

Tough loss, 3K. That one may come back to haunt you down the road.

Cornholers said...

I don't think I've ever seen a fantasy season where so many matchups came within points of each other. Great excitement this year fellas.

To me it just shows the competitive nature of the league and how hard all teams are trying. Well except the Nightmares. At least they can take the award for most like their team name...a total nightmare.

Michael said...

A bit surprised by the Nightmares.. Usually a stronger team in leagues past.

I cannot even believe what a week my team had. Imagine if Cedric Benson did not get hurt, it could of been a record high score...

Mr. Hackman said...

If he could of just punched it in on the first and goal from the 1 on Indy's winning drive! DAMN HIM! But true, the fact that everybody else lost in my division, Green Bay upset Dallas, and Cutler embarrassed himself again in the national spotlight was the silver lining!

T-Dub said...

Didn't you say Rodgers would be MVP this year, Hackman? He looks like Brody Croyle at Alabama holding the ball until pressure gets to him every drop back ... he blows, the Packers blow. That's all I have to say for now, Cutler will be fine.

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