Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Recap

Note to self, if you punch someone who has a helmet on, it's not going to hurt them.

Tallcorn Cobras-79
Roscoe Village Hot Dogs-66

DeAngelo Williams and Tom Brady were the excitement in this matchup. Huge win for T-Dub as he keeps pace with Mr. Hackman and Hoosier Heat. I can't tell who is worse, the Chicago Bears or the Roscoe Village Hot Dogs. The week I decide to sit Cutler, he decides to break off 31 points. I would fire myself if I could.

Lawndale Longhorns-92
Goat Locker-74

Linc and his Longhorns are hanging in there in PG South, and this win is big. That is, if Mike Wallace doesn't decide to spoil the party tonight (which I don't see as a possibility). As long as the Longhorns have Rodgers, Jones-Drew, and Ray Rice as his core players, they're gonna be in the conversation come playoff time. And cutting his lead in his division to one game is monumental. PG South is officially up for grabs.

The Rockpile-92
Jimmy's Daddy-88

All Willie Parker needs to do is run (or receive) for 50 yards and he'll open a 2 game lead in a very weak PG North. In case that doesn't come to fruition, Hef has the Steelers D to sew this one up. The Rockpile was caught snoozing Sunday with Anquan Boldin (where were you on that one, Bronco Mike?). Disgraciad!!

Berwangers Brawlers-87
Nigerian Nightmares-78

This was a HUGE win for Ger and the Brawlers. If the Daddy's stall this evening, then it'll be a two way tie in the PG North standings. Larry Fitzgerald did not disappoint yesterday, as he answered the call (and The Ger's tweet) for a very productive day. Tough loss for the Nightmares, with every team in the division winning, they needed to be victorious.

CO Giants-109
Chimps Gone Wild-109

A photo finish? Not so fast!! Giant Mike has Brandon Marshall going this evening and is 10 yards away from victory. Could Giant Mike create a three way tie for first place of the fabled PG West (not likely, but there's an outside chance)? The Chimps lost Clinton Portis to a head injury, and that could have meant the difference in game.

Hoosier Heat-85
Rusty Trombones-70

I'm sure 3K doesn't want me to make the prediction and jinx it, but I believe he will be in the winners circle by the end of the evening. And it's Big Ben and Hines Ward who are going to take him there. This win is big, as 3K will take control of PG West and defeat a surging Hoosier Heat who are on a 7 week winning streak. Look for 3K to be gloating and talking trash for the forseeable future (God help us).


Cornholers said...

The West division is the cream of the crop. Between watching Greg Olsen put up 3 TDs yesterday - I knew tweeting him would eventually payoff - to watching Goat and CO Giants in their matchups, my Sundays are chaotic. Seriously, I'm a nut to be around on Sunday these much that my wife has taken to leaving the house entirely.

I suppose the patented walk to my computer, finger in the air as if I was at the Hilton Sportsbook, to make my half-time wagering might of put her over the edge!!

Speaking of wagering, I'm having my ass handed to me this season!

Michael said...

All eyes on this game tonight. Honestly the West is a really tough division and a three way tie could happen tonight.

Marshall, no fumbles and Orton, dont forget who your number 1 is..

Wade said...

Awful nice to see a point or two scored against the Heat. I love the kid, but everyone's taken a fat shit against him week after week ... frustrating for those chasing his tail. He's a fantasy stud (baseball now football) ... must be something in the water where he grew up. Only the finest come from those parts.

This has been a pretty good game (Steelers/Broncos) ... great atmosphere.

Mike said...

I swear I read a game day report saying Boldin was going to play. I'm not sure what is a bigger disaster right now, my fantasy football team or Kyle Orton???

PS - Orton is now in my top 5 on the "People I'd Like to Slug" list.

Daddy said...

Not gonna was awful sweet to win this week with the points from the Mighty Steeler D pushing me past Bronco Mike's Rockpile.

I only wish the Broncos would have been able to make a better football game out of it

Cornholers said...

Rocky Mike, you're not wrong. Boldin was a game-time decision. He even warmed-up before the game and it was Whisenhunts decision not to play him - even though Boldin was good to go. He wanted to give Boldin an extra week off, as the Bears game wasn't as important as their upcoming 4 conference games. As it turns out I'm pretty sure every Bears opponent can sit their best guy and still smoke 'em.

Was very happy to take down the Heat this week. And sure, it was nice going up against him while AP was on a Bye.

PG said...

I thought I saw Boldin OUT running across the ticker on ESPN at around 10AM Sunday. Hence, my "where were you" comment.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, Thursday night football is back, so we gotta set our teams earlier than usual, no?

Cornholers said...

Well it was about 1145am and WSCR did a sideline report that Boldin was just ruled out.

Lineups need to be set by Thursday.

Also, I'm not going to continue to ask for the $100 entry fee. Send it in already. Goat Locker is the only way who has complied.

Speaking of fee's did guys get paid yet for baseball? Come on PG, get off your horse and get it done.

PG said...

A check has been sent to every winner (sanz Rocky Mike-who will receive a check this week).

Sorry about the check, 3K. I will give it to Mrs. PG to give to Mrs. 3000 on Saturday.