Monday, June 8, 2009

Recap Monday

Hoosier Heat-10
Baby Gorillas-0

Lawndale Longhorns-7
Client #9-3

Jimmy's Daddy-8
Year 2000!-1

The Rockpile-6

Tallcorn Cobras-6

Clark & Addison-6
CO Yankees-4


Cornholers said...

The only thing worse then losing to Rocky Mike was having to listen to a fuckin' Beatles song!

Also, god damn Fredo...what a jamoke

Michael said...

I still cringe when I see Fredo alone with the Don...

PG said...

Ok, so the attempt at something different didn't work today (you can hear crickets chirping in this comments section)....jeez.

Edward said...

It is not like you haven't employed this trick before.

Frankly, I am appreciative as my ass is a-hurting...

T-Dub said...

I'm in Cali at a work deal, so been dying to see your Monday re-cap, I think it was damn well done. Good stuff.

J-Ger deserves a round of applause for getting 2 pts I still can't stomach ... I had a sub-1.50 era and sub-1.00 whip and he got me on both ... what a pitching performance from that dude.

AND, comments section isn't as active when we all have had to be tied down from the pain of not seeing a Gut check Friday for the 2nd week!! You're better than that!

That said, classic stuff from you as always. Chris Tucker deserved an oscar for his work in Friday.

PG said...

Sorry about Friday, had to road trip to C-Bus (and left early in the morning).