Friday, June 12, 2009

Gut Check Friday

Baby Gorillas-6
Tallcorn Cobras-4

Is it too good to be true? The Gorilla's were shot out of a cannon this week, getting off to an early (and big) lead. As the week has gone on, they have literally left the building, with the Cobras playing catch-up. Offensively, it's anyone's ballgame at this point. PG needs Adrian Gonzalez to catch fire, and where the heck has Mike Napoli been? Meanwhile, the Cobra's certainly need Pujols and Soriano to pick it up, brutal numbers there. Right now, pitching is clearly the Gorilla's forte, putting up a nasty 1.97 ERA. Can Cliff Lee, Josh Johnson, and Matt Cain save T-Dub's week on the mound? We could be heading for a split decision.

Client #9-5
The Rockpile-4

Pretty close race here, with the Fighting Spitzer's closing out the stolen base category early, and Rocky Mike seemingly sealing ERA and WHIP. This battle is going to be won with the bat. And it's anyone's ballgame heading into the weekend. Adrian Beltre has been on FIRE for Baby Bisho, with Justin Upton dropping a few bombs to boot. And I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge Scotty Pods and the week he has been having. Great pickup, #9. Rocky Mike has really been enjoying Mark Texeira since he got out of his early season funk (it's great hitting in front of A-Rod, isn't it?). I wonder if The Rockpile is regretting the Uggla pickup. Very Ugg-ly recently. If Lincecum can recreate Paul Maholm's performance this week, The Rockpile may be tasting victory.

Year 2000!-6
Clark & Addison-4

The song, "Some Guys Have All The Luck" comes to mind right now. A big Red Sox sweep of the Yankees, Year 2000! leading a second place PG East team, if I were Fenway Ed, I'd hit the boats this weekend. Between Fenway Ed and Shin Soo Choo hitting birds like he's Dave Winfield, I don't know what to think. Batting average and wins may be sewn up already, but there is still a lot of fantasy baseball to be played here. Seriously, what is up with Marco Scutaro? That little guinea is having a season!!! Seriously? Marco Scutaro? Meanwhile the only thing Railspiltter is splitting is his batting half!! Abysmal weeks for Evan Longoria, Shane Victorino, and Ryan Howard. And I think Ben Zobrist is the Marco Scutaro of Clark & Addison....only the steroid version. Hey oh!!!!!!

The SwinGERS-6

As I write this, The Ger is anxiously awaiting an accolade filled recap of his matchup against 3K. 3K, meanwhile, is lying face down in a pool of his own vomit somewhere on the Las Vegas strip, with glitter all over his face and a pocket full of moth balls. Speaking of pockets, the Ger has batting average, RBI, and wins already safely in his. 3K is gonna need to roll 6 (categories) the hard way if he wants to walk away with a win this week. Nice to see Troy Tulowitzki playing to his potential this week for The Ger, with Ryan Braun equally as impressive. They're clearly Hard Rock status. Manny Delcarmen? He's more Golden Nugget this week. 3K needs to get those bats going if he wants a turn around of any kind. Kendry Morales and Juan Pierre are hitting like Danny Javy Vasquez put up 12K's like Danny Ocean after the heist. I feel bad for John Danks...he reminds me of myself at the blackjack table...getting a 20 and watching the dealer hit blackjack. Nothing worse than a hard luck loser. Barring any unforeseen incident (which includes 3K making it out of Sin City alive), watch for the Ger to walk away with all the chips.

Jimmy's Daddy-6
Hoosier Heat-3

Received an early call from Hef this morning, who referred to his team as "bad ass", "pimpy", and guranteed a 9-1 victory. That's typical Daddy hubris, and judging by the numbers, he could be right ("could" being the important word there). Never count out Mr. Hackman, who is experiencing a power outage and is in desperate need of someone (anyone) to start dropping bombs. The Daddy's are taking advantage of the Heats poor production, all but guranteeing RBI, runs, ERA, and WHIP. Keep in mind A-Rod, Hanley, and Pedroia have had awful weeks thus far (look for them to break out this weekend). Ted Lilly pitched his ass off this week, as did Jered Weaver and Gavin Floyd. Is there a chance the Heat can turn around a really bad week and make this a fight? Not likely...look for the Daddy's to coast to victory (but not at 9-1).

Lawndale Longhorns-6
CO Yankees-3

Keep pitching, Yankee Mike, that is going to be your only way to keep this close. New Linc is just basking in the sun and soaking it all in. Life is good when you're winning, and the Longhorns are proof positive of that claim. The air is crisper, the beer is tastier, and it seems like it's never going to come to an end. And when you have Pablo Sandoval RAKING like an old man in October, it's hard to come down off that high. With Chase Utley and Carlos Pena providing the power, it looks as if the Longhorns will run the table offensively. Different story on the mound, though, with Yankee Mike putting up some very impressive numbers. Dempster, Pelfrey, and Peavy all throwing very well (amazing they didn't get a win between the 3 of them), and Mo and Brian Wilson providing a little rolaids. If the CO Yankees scrape and claw (and maintain their pitching categories), they may be able to pull off a split.


Anonymous said...

My team is finally putting together a good week, very pleased about that.

Why do I picture 3K pulling a Griswald and betting on anything that moves in Vegas?

Edward said...

Tip of the cap to PG, FANTASTIC Gut Check Friday, you have me cracking up big time. That Ger-3K summary is probably one of your finest pieces of work in the history of PG's Sportsworld. Well done sir!

Mr. Hackman said...

Funny, but when I first took a look at Jimmy's Daddy's Lineup this week the first word that came to mind was "pimpy"..what a stacked lineup! Looking back on draft day my C.C. 2nd round pick was the worst pick in the draft...should of drafted offense and waited for a pitcher.
Also a little side favorite part of a Cubs game now that it is summer is the 7th inning Bud Light "Fan Cam"....take alook sometime to see what I am talkin about...

T-Dub said...

Agreed on fan cam ... but there's nothing else exciting about watching those assholes play anymore. So disappointing.

The past few weeks of Soriano ... ugh. Where is his bat? Pujols finally woke up. PG, you sweatin' with my 3 starts today?