Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Recap

Before I begin the recap, I will be making a big annoucement later today on the blog so stay tuned. Here we go-

Baby Gorillas-5
Year 2000!-4

This matchup goes to show you just how much every at-bat matters. The Gorilla's won the week from Orlando Hudson's first at-bat last night versus the Cubs at Wrigley. His RBI single broke a 32-32 tie in the RBI category, handing PG a big win. I find it fitting that Fenway Ed was on hand at Wrigley to witness it. Fenway Ed, consider yourself gorilla-d!!!

Clark & Addison-4
Client #9-4

Another very close matchup that ended in a tie. Client #9's staff wrung up a whopping 70 batters. WOW! That Sox-Royals game had to hurt yesterday, as a Grienke win would have translated into a Fighting Spitzer win. And if it weren't for Matt Kemp's bomb last night, Clark & Addison would have won the runs category. Talk about a close game!! Meanwhile, Railsplitter (QBF's new nickname) pounded out 11 homers (with Ryan Howard hitting 4 by himself)this week. Both teams remain in second place in their respective leagues, and live to fight another day.

Lawndale Longhorns-1

What a week for 3K. A 32nd birthday is celebrated, a trip to Kansas City (and Sox series victory) is enjoyed, and an ass kicking of Linc is dispensed. The Cornholers lineup is hitting well (and even their ERA is coming down a bit). Things are looking up for the Cornholers, as they set their sights on passing Year2000! for sole posession of 4th place in PG West. Meanwhile, the dog days of summer come early for the Lawndale Longhorns. They didn't put up half bad numbers this week either, they were simply beat.

Hoosier Heat-5
The SwinGERS-4

Hoosier Heat truly showed his mettle by defeating a early surging SwinGERS last week to remain in third place of PG West. Despite horrible pitching by Mr. Hackman's staff, he won just enough categories to seal a victory. The key, you ask? Stolen bases, as the Heat swiped a total of 9 last week to win the category decisively (every other category was relatively close). The SwinGERS should not be down, they're still only 3 games out of PG East (2 games under .500, but 3 games out nonetheless).

Tallcorn Cobras-6
The Rockpile-4

T-Dub makes a dramatic comeback against Rocky Mike and The Rockpile this week, to remain solidly in first place of PG West, and showing the league that each week is not a sprint. Great outings by Matt Cain and Chris Volstad this week sealed the lions share of the pitching categories (and the win) for T-Dub. Tough loss for Rocky Mike, who was riding a high after last week's win. Like The Ger, not to fret, you're only 5 games back.

Jimmy's Daddy-6
CO Yankees-2

The Daddy's are back atop PG East with a big win against Yankee Mike and the CO Yankees. I'm sure Hef was happy with his .300 batting average and 3.18 ERA, riding the hot hand of Ted Lilly and Jared Weaver. But the lineup is a force to be recokened with. A-Rod, Hanley, Granderson, Pedroia....even Blalock getting into the act. Poor Yankee the cellar of cellars (with the closest team in another time zone). Is it time for the CO Yankees to retool? Do I see some trade offers in his future?


Cornholers said...

17-2-1 over the last two weeks to boost my team out of the cellar and to a form of respectability. Finally!

More to come from KC, as I get time. Meanwhile I can only appreciate PG for making me a year younger.

PG said...

Good God...first, I call to wish you a happy birthday 3 days before your actual birthday. Then, I forget to call on your actual birthday. Then, when I mention it, I get your age wrong.

What a friend I am. Unreal.

Michael said...

Maybe time to retool, but I was winning on Saturday with Bartlett on the DL all week and I will hand it to J Daddy, they had a great day yesterday...

Really some frustration in the locker room over here, but we will get this ship turned around...