Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Draft Day Afternoon

The biggest day of the year for some 18 year old high schooler. A life changing moment for a college arm that can hit triple digits. Get ready for the 2009 MLB Draft!

I have to be honest this will most likely be the highlight of my 2009 from a sports viewing standpoint. Major League Baseball Network has taken hold of the draft and will be hosting it from Studio 42 in New Jersey. Each team will have a representative present and Selig will be announcing picks from a podium at home plate. I can only imagine the amount of in-depth coverage that will be present. Just being able to pry the coverage away from ESPN is a victory in my book.

With the immense amount of coverage available for the 2009 draft class I haven't even begun to crack the nut. We all know about Stephen Strasburg and his impending 1st overall pick to the Nationals - who will be represented by Devo White, but what about the Mariners who will then have 1 minute to decide who they will take? Follow that up with the Padres, Pirates and Orioles and the top 5 could be walking away with some decent talent. And seriously, when are the O's going to be good again? I certainly hope it's soon, so they can take advantage of Wieters, Jones and Markakis.

What about the 5 clubs that will have a pair of first-round choices: the Nationals, Mariners, Rockies, D-Backs and Angels? You expect to see the first 3 teams grabbing more young talent but a team like the Angels who seem to be a perennial contender these days grabbing 2 first rounders?

Who will come out with the best draft class? Outside of Strasburg who is the next big star out of this draft? And how many of you will be tuning in later this afternoon (5pm EST start) to take in the new and improved draft?



PG said...

I will be tuning into the draft. It is a bit of a buzz kill in that we most likely won't be seeing these guys (if at all) for a few years, but it's always fun to speculate on talent.

Peter Gammons brought up a great point about Strasburg. Sure, he'll be drafted by the Nats but keep this in mind, the deadline for teams to SIGN their players is August 15th. And guess who Strasburg's agent is.....SCOTT BORAS. You don't think he's gonna milk the calender to squeeze every possible dime out of the Nationals? We may not be seeing Mr. Strasburg til August (and if he's on ice between now and then, we may not see him at all this year).

Cornholers said...

Yeah, I've heard the same speculation on Strasburg, but I'm thinking that the Nat's understand what it will take to sign Strasburg and they realize it is an opportunity to feed off the buzz of a proposed talent like Strasburg.

Here's the funny thing about the draft, PG, I watched it last year from the bar at a local Max&Erma's because it was on at noon. When the White Sox drafted Beckham with the 8th pick, I put him up with the club in 2010 at the earliest.

I think the post-steroid Era game will see more younger players playing in the big's. Lets face it gone are the days of the 50 HRs in a season. Is it possible that we'll see the top HR hitter not capping 30 some day soon? Dwight Evans won it in 1980 or '81 with 25. Ha! It's becoming a younger game, and more fundamentally sound. Thank god!

Michael said...

boras wants a deal like diceBB...

lookinf forward to the draft tonight. leake from asu should go top 10