Monday, June 1, 2009


You know, I've always thought of myself as a man of the people. As the old saying goes, "To rule a people, one must walk among them". And that certainly, in my opinion, has translated to the world of fantasy baseball. What other league do you know that provides it's managers a forum to voice their opinions, offer insight, and shape the league that is, after all, their own. A people's league, if you will. If were were German, we'd be hailing "Volk Bund!!" (for all of you morons out there, that means "people's league" in German).

I am proud to announce that here, on PG Sportsworld's blog, starting this week, every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, a column will be penned by guest bloggers! That's right, managers from around the league will take the reins and give their thoughts on everything from our fantasy baseball league to the sport of baseball in general. There really are no parameters, as long as it's baseball related, it's jake with me!!

This week, we have an all-star lineup coming at you. Tuesday will be handled by Mr. 3000, Wednesday will be penned by the Almighty T-Dub, and Thursday will be rounded out by Railsplitter (Clark & Addison). Starting next Wednesday, Baby Bisho will assume the duties of Wednesday blogger. If anyone is interested in take a day, please let me know, as we'd love to have you.

Remember, this is our league, the people's league.....Volk Bund!!!!!!!!


Cornholers said...

Question - is there possible suspensions/fines possible if we question the comissioner in our guest blog? I don't want to go all Mark Cuban on you and then find out my team will be reprimanded, or locked out from making a change.

Anonymous said...

I am very excited for the return of "Tony's Take"

Cornholers said...

Next question? Is there word limit? I only say because I know I have an issue with being long-winded???

PG said...

You can say whatever you would like in your posts without fear of retribution. Fire away.

Yes, you are extremely long winded so try to keep in manageable. Obviously, if you get too self indulgent and it rambles, people aren't going to want to read it.

Make it long enough and entertaining enough for people to want to read your column every week.

Also, keep in mind that if a lot of managers want to post, you won't be posting every week. As of now, I have 3K, Baby Bisho, and Railsplitter committed to every week (with T-Dub taking Bisho's place the first week). If other managers want to post, then we'll happily accomodate them.

Michael said...

I am so excited to hear from Baby Bisho.. I cant wait for the stats and figures he will present to us. I know that if he spends 1/5 the time on his blog posts as he does with his fantasy teams, then we are in for a real treat..

T-Dub said...

Isn't it Tuesday ... 3k, say the proverbial ball has not been dropped!