Monday, April 13, 2009

Week 1 Recap

And yes, Fenway Ed, that pitch WAS intentional. Give Bobby Abreu a break, his wife cheated on him on Venezuelan national TV!!!

Baby Gorillas-6
The Rockpile-3

Ask and you shall receive, I suppose. Andy Pettite and Brett Myers came through with sterling performances this weekend (each earning a win). And wouldn't you know it, the Rockpile's Joe Saunders served up two bombs to the Red Sox and took the loss on Saturday. Recently benched Howie Kendrick and Mike Napoli had big weekends, as newly acquired Ryan Doumit and Emilio Bonifacio look to fill their shoes.

Tallcorn Cobras-8

T-Dub waltzed his way through the week, winning handily 8-2. Heck, when you drop 12 bombs and strikeout 53 batters, that tends to happen. Simply put, 3K just had a bad week. With an average hovering at .200 and an ERA over's not hard to believe the score. Look for 3K to shake up the lineup, with his bench players (notably Nelson Cruz, Josh Fields, and Jon Garland) putting up very productive numbers. And for T-Dub? He's on cruise control.

CO Yankees-5
Hoosier Heat-5

Congrats to Mr. Hackman for absolutely turning it on this weekend. AJ? Check!! CC? Check!! George Sherril? Gotcha!! The CO Yankee pitching staff couldn't get out of neutral, and Hoosier caught up. Cano, Cantu, and Dunn gave Yankee Mike solid production all week, he need needs for figure this staff out (will Kiroda get a spot start this week?).

The SwinGERS-7
Longdale Longhorns-3

The Ger took this week easily, and stands alone atop PG East. The Longhorns were able to snip a little bit and stave off the massacre. Chase Utley, Rafael Fucal, Alex Rios, and Cameron Maybin help them take the steals category, while Kevin Gregg and Jonathan Broxton helped them win in saves. The difference in this one was straight up offense. Every single position player (save Ryan Braun) hit at least one homer. Now that's impressive. Keep swinging those bats, sons of Ger. You'll be swingin in the championship before long.

Jimmy's Daddy-6
Clark & Addison-4

Who's your daddy, Linc? Why it's Hef, that's who. But not by much. Perhaps he's your step daddy. C&A made up a lot of ground this weekend to close the gap a bit and make it a race. 2 home runs, two strikeouts, a win, and a save were the difference in this being an entirely different story. Goes to show you just how important every pitch is in this league (and how important it is to start the right players each week).

Year 2000!-6
Client #9-4

This was a pretty competitve match all around. Team Spitzer didn't get the offensive production they were looking for and that lead to their demise. A few important notes here. The lack of runs and strikeouts for Client #9. Is this going to be a problem for them? If so, look for some tinkering down the road. Del Gado del got it this week (as did Adam Jones and Kelly Johnson and Shin Soo-Choo. A decent start for the Fenway faithful, all he needs now is Matt Wieters on a bus to Philly.


Shane said...

My team crumbled under the size of their own ego. The offense started to show some signs of life by the weekend but by then it was too late. With a bit of a roster shake up I'm banking on good things in week 2!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow, no props to the SwinGERS for the beating they put down on you?? hahahahah

ARodsACyssie said...

I was just happy to scrape by with 2 Wins.

Right now I'm calling the draft choice of the year to be Josh Johnson of the Marlins. Wade picked him up and he's been nothing short of unhittable. Early favorite for Cy Young right there.

So happy it's Week 2.

T-Dub said...

I'll see your Josh Johnson comment (thank you anyway) and raise you a pair of potentially disasterous picks, if week 1 holds ...

Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee ... God help my squad if I have to count on them with that type of production. I'm extremely glad this was the week you chose to take off, 3k.

I don't like the tie-breaker set-up, brother! What can we do, I thought ties were ties ... not go to the bench and see who has better meaningless totals, especially when we're encouraging draft picks of minors, etc.

Additionally, the waiver order resetting to worst to first is going to be less than perfect. I'll deal with it if it "is what it is" ...

Just a couple of comments - Bisho's rules didn't mention this stuff going this way, right?

Edward said...

PG there was no doubt that pitch was intentional. What do you expect when he calls tie as Beckett is in the wind-up. Punk ass gets what's coming to him. My only question is how do NO Sox get tossed but three Angels do? I ask because I am tired of everyone saying the Sox get the breaks from the umps and league and this just reinforces that farce.

And what the hell is this crap that ties are broken by your reserves? Say it ain't so!

ARodsACyssie said...

Ed, Abreu did nothing wrong. The batter can request time at any point of his at-bat. It's the home plate umpires decision whether to grant the request. Time and time again in the game if you ask too late the ump won't give you time. In this scenario Abreu was granted time and Beckett is just a punk-ass bitch.