Friday, April 3, 2009

Last Minute Annoucements

Ok, guys, I think we're all set for the season. By now you should have a spreadsheet in your in-box that shows everyone's players under contract. Waivers is officially turned on, and the season starts Sunday evening. Be sure to check out the very handy calender feature on your fantasy frontpage (on the right side, under the players poll).


Here's this week's match-ups-

Tallcorn Cobras at ARodsACyssy
CO Yankees at Hoosier Heat
The SwinGERS at Lawndale Longhorns
Clark & Addison at Jimmy's Daddy
Baby Gorillas at The Rockpile
Client #9 at Year2000!

Hey Rocky Mike, Cutler isn't gonna be the only thing you lose this week!!!!

BTW, Cubs-Yanks on MLB Channel tonight. First game at the new Yankee Stadium.


Mike said...

Nice pre-season dig sir.

To counter punch, please tell the Bears that we appreciate them sending us their future.

Once Cutler throws another tantrum and ends up severely beaten after a night of hard drinking, I am thinking the Bears will wish they had their draft picks back.

Oh and by the way, Cutler had his FATHER turn in his playbook. What...a....pussy.

On a serious note, I never received a spreadsheet???

PG said...

Hmmmm, his old man turned in the battle plan, huh? That is kind of off.

I hope you're talking about the draft picks when you are referring to the Bears "future" and not Orton. Come on, man, the guy has a neck beard!!

BTW, you sound like Fenway Ed after Manny left Boston. AHAHAHAHHAAHHAHHAHAAHAH. Let's hope Cutler performs in the same fashion.

Weird, let me resend the spreadsheet to you.

Mr. Hackman said...

A few last minute Questions:

1) MUST we start 5 Starting Pitchers? "our" rules say yes, "CBS'" rules says no. I currently am starting only 4 pitchers for the week and have a "legal roster" according to our CBS fantasy website. I also notice that "Swingers" has 6 SP in his lineup and has a "Illegal roster".

2) Are we still implementing the 12 start max and 30 innings min. for our pitching staff? If so, how is that going to be policed because the website has no rule against that.

3) We cannot exceed 25 players on our roster. I moved Hoffman to injured and tried to put a claim in on somebody else and a warning came up saying you cant have more than 25 players on your roster(including DL). So the .50 fee for adding and removing a player from your injured list really isnt needed right?

Edward said...

With 8 bench players, I hope we don't need to expand rosters anymore to accommodate guys on the DL.

T-Dub said...

doesn't seem like there should be a charge for IR if it doesn't really mean you're using an extra position. i don't care either way, either we have 25 + 1 and a charge ... or 25 and no injury classification anyway.

also, pg, the site says waivers will re-set every week. don't we want waivers set up to hold throughout the season? waivers hit, someone falls to the bottom and has to work back through ... isn't that what we intended?

hackman asks some decent questions here, hopefully the above are a couple more to clarify.

just doesn't make sense to charge IR stuff if it doesn't do anything or is the same as just leaving a guy on the bench.

holler, let's play ball!!

i'm still jacked about cutler!