Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gut Check Thursday

Clark & Addison-5
Baby Gorillas-4
Up for grabs-Every category

This is an absolute tit for tat slugfest. In any other week, 8 homers by Thursday would be more than enough to carry the day (considering the runs and rbi it would bring). Not this week. QBF has paced PG and then some (overtaking him in RBI and runs). Two homers each by Andre Ethier, J.J. Hardy, and Adrian Gonazalez have been met with 2 bombs by Michael Young and homers by Ichiro, Ryan Howard, Shane Victorino, and Rickie Weeks. I have a feeling this matchup will be decided on the mound, with C&A and PG sending their horses out for a run this weekend. Stay tuned.

The SwinGERS-6
The Rockpile-3
Up for grabs-HR, RBI, R, SB, K, W, SV

Still wide open in this contest as well, with The Ger jumping out to an early lead. Kevin Youklis continuing to provide quality production for the SwinGERS, with Ryan Ludwick, Nick Markakis, Justin Morneau, and Freddy Sanchez following close behind. The Rockpile's bats have stalled out of the gate, and rumors are Rocky Mike is livid. Aubrey Huff has been the most consistent bat (as evidenced by his .384 batting average this week), as he waits on his big guns to come through (the Texeira hat trick last night was painful to watch). Lots of pitching left in this matchup, but all things being equal, The Ger may stay atop PG East.

Lawndale Longhorns-8
Jimmy's Daddy-1
Up for grabs-BA, HR, R, K, ERA, WHIP, W, SV

New Linc has been in Lincoln since Lincoln's had small faces. But there's nothing small about his production this week. After an embarrasing week 1, New Linc looks to totally redeem himself. Carlos Pena was a Yankee killer this week, looking like the Carlos Pena of old. Carlos Quentin is doing his best Jose Canseco impersonation this week, belting out two bombs of his own. How could Linc not love that outing by Scott Kazmir earlier in the week? It doesn't get any better than that. Oh wait, yes it does....and the Daddy's Ted Lilly is the proof. I've gotta tell you though, that Milton Bradley injury is hurting Hef big time this week (Derrick Lee's .714 average may ease the pain a bit). Is it too early to predict that the bullpen's will settle a very close battle?

Hoosier Heat-5
Up for grabs- Everything except ERA

Bravo, 3K. The bats are alive and well in Lake Villa this week. Is there anyone hotter than Brian Roberts right now? He's really proving to be a boon for Mr. 3000. Mr. Hackman is no slouch either. With almost a .300 average heading into the weekend, he's gotta be felling good about his chances. Add to that he's has good Yankees going (Burnett, CC) while 3K has bad Yankee going (Wang). Between Wang and Verlander, I can just see 3K watching this weekend, on the edge of his couch, holding his breath, crossing his fingers, popping Valium like they're skittles. 3K, if you go into cardiac arrest, can I have your flat screen and Brooklyn Dodgers autographed baseball?

Year 2000!-7
CO Yankees-2
Up for grabs-BA, RBI, K, ERA, WHIP, W, SV

I've been meaning to tell Fenway Ed, get a new team name, the Red Sox have won two world series in the past 5 years. Get over it. Here's a about Liam's Bombers? Travis Snider, Adam Jones, Kelly Johnson, Delgado...absolute beasts!! I keep harping on him, but Adam Jones...what a pickup. I don't think he's going away anytime soon. Hey Yankee Mike, three of your top power hitters seem to be taking the week off. If they can come through, and you can get some quality outings from Peavy, Oswalt, and might make this close. Of course, that would require Doc Halladay, Johan, and Ricky Nolasco to lay eggs.

Client #9-6
Tallcorn Cobras-4
Up for grabs-Everything sanz SB and K's

I like #9's style. His forte is to go with some late round, below the radar picks that produce big numbers. Zach Grienke, Joey Votto, Matt Kemp, guys like that. Of course, the Ian Kinsler's of the world don't hurt either. The cycle? 6 hits in one game? 5 runs? Send that man to the showers because that it absolutely filthy!! All he needs is Jesus Flores' and Fred Lewiw to produce, and he'll be considered the Billy Beane of PG Sportsworld. T-Dub is hangin tough, and looks to make this a game. He moved Jeter, or "The Mancrush" as I like to call him, into the lineup at the right time. Pujols, Adam Lind, and and Jason Bay have been contributing as well. Question-are Soriano's fantasy numbers hurting you by having him hit leadoff? Perhaps you should have the former governor send Lou Pinella a lineup suggestion....oh....wait wait wait...he already did that!!


ARodsACyssie said...

You know it's going to be a bad week in the ERA category when your opening pitcher for the week throws up a 54.00 ERA for his start. Thanks Wang, for taking me to the cleaners (any relative slur that is implied was intentional).

If Verlander and Wang blow their starts this weekend then I might just go into cardiac arrest. PG not sure if you'll want my flat screen as it is sure to be marred by dip that I whip at the screen.

The Brooklyn Dodgers ball.....that will be left to Emerson!!

PG said...

I can totally picture you winging a lipper at your 52 inch Sony in a fit of rage.

Hey, as long as the ball is in the family, that's all I care about.

ARodsACyssie said...

I'm lucky the TV is up on the wall above the fireplace....I won't be able to kick-it in a fit of rage, ala Uncle Carl!

Edward said...

PG, it is not like you Yankme fans laid off with the "19! 18!" chants when you were winning three titles in a row and 4 in 5 years!

Payback is a bitch...

ARodsACyssie said...

Is anyone else just sick and tired of the entirely contrived rivalry between Yankees and Red Sox fans?

I feel like current generations of Red Sox fans, and Yankee fans, just hate the opposing team because they were told to hate the team. Plus ESPN really killed the thrill of that rivalry for me. It was just murdered to death on that channel over the past years that I could care less.

That's like Cub fans trying to have a rivalry between Brewers fans. It just doesn't work for me. Heck, the Brewers have a bigger rivalry with the White Sox then they do with the Cubs.

Also, I think it's safe to say that future rivalries will become increasingly sparse. What with free agency bringing multiple uniforms to almost every ballplayer today. The term "journeyman" really can't even be used anymore.

Edward said...

This from someone who has never had a good thing to say about the Cubs which is a "rivalry" only because MLB decided to have interleague play?

I can't stand how ESPN gives too much attention to Yanks-Sox but make no mistake it is a real rivalry that you grow up with in New England. It is like Canadiens-Bruins, it is built on decades and generations of games.

As for the Cubs and Brewers that rivalry has only built up over the past couple years as both teams have been playing well. Kind of like Twins-White Sox.

ARodsACyssie said...

Ed, the White Sox/Cubs inter-city rivalry has been around as long as both teams have been around, not just since inter-league.

Otherwise I don't think I would of grown up with such disdain of the Cubs my entire life. Back then it was an easy dividing line, if you lived on the north side you were a Cubs fan, and if you lived on the south side you were a Sox fan.

You could certainly think that it is just because of Interleague play, but you would be wrong. The Crosstown Classic was played every season, mid-year, even before Interleague came around. Never understood why my team had to play a meaningless games, that didn't count against record, in the middle of the season.

And if it is further proof that you wish for the inter-city disdain amongst clubs look no further then the fact that my grandfather, who owned a bar blocks from Comiskey Park wouldn't allow a Cubs game to be played on his TV in the '50's and '60's even though the Sox might of had the day off!

PG said...

I can see both of your points. I guess it's each person's definition of the word "rivalry". Do teams have to face each other for it to count as a rivalry? Are rivalries and genuine disdain for a crosstown team mutually exclusive?

ARodsACyssie said...

I suppose it's just natural to call a divisional opponent a "rival". Although when I think of rivalries I think of specific clubs, with specific players and their undying will to beat up on each other.

Ask my father and he grew up hating the Yankees, mostly because there were so many games played between the White Sox/Yankees back in the '50's and '60's when there wasn't divisions. White Sox finished 2nd a lot back in those days.

Guess it's just hard to comprehend a "rivalry" today because it's become one big fraternity where players switch teams more then they switch after-shave.

ARodsACyssie said...

FYI - just booked a weekend trip to KC to take in the new Kaufmann Stadium. Yes, the White Sox happen to be playing there too.

Just wanted to open up the discussion to anyone who has been to KC. What suggestions???

Edward said...

Stay downtown - there is not much of a social scene as I recall but near Country Club Plaza, or something like that, there are some good places. KC is pretty spread out. The stadium is great for tailgating though since it shares a parking lot with Arrowhead.

Edward said...

As for the rivalry discussion, I guess it depends on your definition of a rivalry. I know the Cubs and White Sox played an exhibition for many years but that seems to be more of a money making venture for the fans to have bragging rights with people in the area. Refusing to show a team's games when they don't play any meaningful games and never for a World Series title is not a rivalry to me but if it is to someone else than that is fine. 3K if you think that Red Sox-Yankees is a rivalry only because we were told to hate them then you can say the same about Cubs-White Sox. You only dislike the Cubs because you grew up on the South Side and had grandparents and parents telling you not to like the Cubs.

My point is you just know what a rivalry is - memorable games, playing for division or league titles many times, bad blood. Yankees-Red Sox, Celtics-Lakers, Bruins-Canadiens, Red Wings-Hawks, Red Wings-Avalanche (at least in the 90's), Cowboys-Redskins, Bears-Packers.

Some die off over time (Nebraska-Oklahoma has lost its luster over the past decade and the Wings-Avs is another example) but others linger.

New Linc (aka Shane) said...

Question about placing a player in the injured list.

As you will all see from my transaction log I've placed and removed Chris Carpenter from the injured list several times in an attempt to 1) determine the benefit of such a move such as adding a player to replace him in the line up and 2) see if there is any difference with him on the "injured list" compared to just sitting him for 2 months on my bench.

Other than incurring several 50 cent charges I can find no benefit as I have been unable to add another pitcher to replace him in my line up.

Any help on how listing a player as injured vs. reserve would be helpful. Also, if the league agrees I'd love to get the $1.50 back or credited to my future transactions.


T-Dub said...

3k, if you're staying downtown, 'power and light district' is tits there. Its super cool, only place I know of that the bars share a beer garden ... isn't that crazy? You can walk around this common area and buy beer never walking into any of the bars - that would drive me crazy if I owned the bars! Anyway, that's the spot if you're downtown.

The Plaza is a can't miss, and you should eat dinner down there at the least. Its only 3-4 miles from d-town. And Kaufmann is cool, its just a drive no matter where you stay. Cab it!