Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gut Check Thursday

It's time for the first installment of gut check Thursday. It is here that we recap the matchups heading into the weekend and provide lively discussion.

NOTE-Congratulations to Derek The Long Legged Mack Daddy (Client #9), who's wife gave birth to an baby girl yesterday (Cassidy Lucile). Also, special birthday wishes to Fenway Ed, who turned 62 on Tuesday.

The Rockpile-5
Baby Gorillas-3

Categories up for grabs-HR, R, SB, SV
This has been Rocky Mike's match all week long. Strong outings by Felix Hernandez, Ubaldo Jimenez, and Joe Saunders have provided a solid foundation for victory. It is uncanny just how the Baby Gorillas have mirrored the New York Yankees in terms of pitching this week. If the Gorillas are gonna make any headway, they need King Felix and Joe Saunders to give it up on Saturday and for Andy Pettite and Brett Myers to shine.

Tallcorn Cobras-9

Categories up for grabs-HR, SB, K, W, S
What can you say, utter domination. T-Dub has been able to combine great hitting with great pitching. It doesn't help that 3K has hiccuped his way through the week. The young Marlin staff gave Schofield the performances he needed, with Pujols and Soriano providing the power. Keep an eye on Jose Lopez, I think you're gonna see some great things from him this season. As for 3K, Brian Roberts and JD have hit the ball well and....well...let's move on.

CO Yankees-8
Hoosier Heat-1

Categories up for grabs-K, ERA, WHIP, W, S
If Mr. Hackman is going to make up any ground this week, he's gonna have to do it on the mound. Yankee Mike's squad (led by Cantu, Dunn, Cano, and Damon) have just been too tough to compete with. If I'm Hoosier Heat, I'm praying for stellar outings by A.J. Burnett and C.C. Sabathia (along with solid bullpen help). It looks like Mr. Hackman and I will be praying for the same things this weekend.

The SwinGERS-8
Lawndale Longhorns-1

Categories up for grabs-SB, R, W, ERA
Who put the GRRRR in SwinGER....well, Ger did of course!! And what a week it's been. Nick Markakis hitting .714, Youklis....625, Braun and Sanchez each with 2 bombs. Just an offensive orgy. But this is an interesting matchup moving forward. The Longhorns can possibly snipe their way to victory here. And I think the key is going to be with his speedsters (Maybin, Furcal, possibly Rios) and his horses (Sonnastine, Broxton, Gregg, and Motte). But if Ger keeps this pace's lights out.

Jimmy's Daddy-8
Clark & Addison-2

Categories up for grabs-BA, RBI, SB, K, ERA, W, SV
This is one of those deceiving scores, as the tides could change at any given moment. If you're Hef and Linc, you've gotta be glued to the flatscreen all weekend long. Both teams have given C grade performances, and it's just a matter of time before someone breaks out. Hef is sitting on Hanley, Pedroia, and Ibanez and C&A is patiently waiting on Manny, Ryan Howard, Victorino, and Longoria. Everybody take cover...bombs are about to drop!!! Be sure not to ignore the pitching here, there are still 6 combined starts left in this one.

Client #9-2

Categories up for grabs-HR, SB, K, WHIP, W, SV
Lot of great offensive production from Fenway Ed's squad, and great pitching as well. Adam Jones has simply wowed me this week. What an exciting guy to have on your squad. Funny that i'm mentioning Adam Jones on a team that includes Josh Hamilton, Aramis Ramirez, Delgado, and Salty (he's been that good). Client #9 puts forth a stellar pitching performance this week. I especially liked when Zach Grienke went up in Carlos Quentin's grill. But he's gotta get it done at the plate. To even come close, Jose Reyes, Jay Bruce, and Corey Hart have to readjust.


Linc said...

I've congratulated PG privately, but would also like to take this time to do so publicly, but it is posts like these that make this league and fantasy baseball in general exciting. Kudos, PG.

Should be quite the interesting weekend. Someone will need to text the Longhorns some stats on Saturday...he's got kind of a busy night and fantasy baseball won't be priority #1. This is the only night, however, that this will be tolerated.

PG said...

Since I will be home sitting on my couch, I would be happy to relay stats to Shane (who, btw, needs a nickname). Any thoughts?

T-Dub said...

Douche, doucher, McDouche, Linc's brother douche ... Nah, I'll keep working on Shane's nickname.

Good to have the weekly's back (well done, pg), especially when I get to share a hot start with a cold one from 3k. Been fortunate.

Went to twinkies game last that, that Morneau homer was a bomb ... for that matter, Russell Branyan might have the biggest bat of any awful baseball player ever when he connects.

PG said...

This is crazy-

Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart killed in a felony hit-and-run car accident in Fullerton this morning. 3 people died total.

The craziest part is he pitched last night!!!

Edward said...

Congrats to Client #9 on the addition of Client #9a.

Michael said...

Crazy news on that Angels pitcher... And he had a solid game last night...

Congratulations to Drock and the new addition..

Love the gut check Thursdays...

ARodsACyssie said...

OMG, didn't hear that on Adenhart. I was watching the MLB Game Mix late last night and was trying to see who was pitching for Anaheim and couldn't quite make it out. I thought "I know Anaheim has a young kid, who is it?". That kid is dead this morning? That's awful.

Well, my team mine as well be dead too. The scary part is I actually have to watch Verlander pitch again this weekend. Anyone want to take bets on how high my ERA will end this week? Even when I get a solid effort from Javy Vazquez the Braves 'pen gets litup for 8 runs in 2 innings and he gets a no decision.

I'm just hoping to scratch out a couple more categories before the week is up. The standings are based upon wins-losses-ties right? Not whether or not you win your week.

PG said...

That is correct, 3K. It's based on wins, losses, and ties.

ARodsACyssie said...

Have to try and lessen the damage by taking down a couple more categories this week. Watch out K's and HRs!!!

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I LOVE YOU said...