Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Recap

A few housecleaning issues-

1. I received an e-mail from New Linc re: placing people on the injured list and co-commissioner T-Dub and I have decided to raise the roster limit to 27 (allowed two players to be on the injured list and having the ability to pick up two replacements for said injured players). Keep in mind, this doesn't allow you to just pick up two players (as the limit for reserve players is not being raised). The reasoning is it may cause a manager not to put a player on the injured list and picking up a free agent which, in turn, does two things 1. allow to manager's team to compete at the level they would like and 2. spend money on free agent pickups to replace the injured player. So it will cost no money to place a player on the injured list. But if you decide to place someone on the injured list and pick up a free agent to replace him, it will cost you $0.50 to add and $0.50 to drop (when the injured players comes off the injured list).

2. T-Dub sent me an e-mail re: max number of starts your pitching staff can acrue in one period. T-Dub is correct, the maximum number of starts is 7 and minimum number of starts is 5. Last week, Client #9 had 8 starts and this week Year2000! has 8 starts. I am not going to penalize teams yet but as of next week, you will be penalized for going over (or under) the limit.

Now, the scores...

Baby Gorillas-6
Clark & Addison-3

And amazing power onslaught ended with the Gorilla's (23 total home runs between the two teams)coming out on top. Pitching certainly decided this, with the Gorilla's going 4-0-1 in those categories.

The SwinGERS-5
The Rockpile-4

Ger, your 15 minutes is up, time to vacate the PG East throne. Good win though, the SwinGERS still impress with their hitting. Rocky Mike still waiting for a win, need to get those bats going.

Lawndale Longhorns-6
Jimmy's Daddy-3

New Linc carries the day, with a power surge being the deciding factor. Carlos Quentin's 5 homers and 9 RBI are indicative of the type of production the Longhorns threw up. The Daddy's need more Raul Ibanez and less Curtis Granderson.

Hoosier Heat-4

Big win by 3K, and I mean big. Despite the very close score, the win gives 3K the confidence boost he needed. Hey 3K, looks like you drafted the Wang pitcher (hey oh!!). Keep ya head up, Hackman. A .500 overall record is nothing to be ashamed of.

CO Yankees-2

Fenway Ed simply threw Yankee Mike a beating this week. Stellar pitching from Johan and Halladay lead Fenway Ed to a 2.82 ERA. Yankee Mike's hitting is fine, he simply needs more power production.

Client #9-7
Tallcorn Cobras-2
Baby Bisho's master plan for fantasy domination came together this week as #9 won decisively against the Cobras (with perhaps too much pitching from Baby Bisho). Notable is Client #9's whopping 13 stolen bases (with 6 alone from Ian Kinsler). Who would have ever thought Zach Grienke would bounce back from depression and become one of the game's best pitchers?

This week's matchup's-

Baby Gorillas at The SwinGERS
The Rockpile at Jimmy's Daddy
Year2000! at ARodsACyssy
Client #9 at CO Yankees
Hoosier Heat at Tallcorn Cobras
Lawndale Longhorns at Clark & Addison

The battle of PG East commences...let's do this, Ger.


Edward said...

Hold on a sec - 7 starts max? How does that make sense when you have 5 starting pitchers? Basically you are requiring teams to pick up as many starting pitchers as possible to keep in reserve in case you have a week where four of your five starting pitchers have two starts. I can understand having a 10 start maximum or even 9, but why penalize a team that as part of their drafting strategy focused on picking up a great pitching staff at the expense of their offense? Just about every team in the league is going to have weeks where they will have at least 8 starts.

Shouldn't this be put to a vote first or at least get comments from other members of the league? We are getting to the point where this league is becoming like the Obama Administration - too much regulation!

PG said...

This is the inaugural year of our league. The kinks have to be worked out.

I'll leave this open for complai....uh...I mean...discussion.

Edward said...

I know we are and for the most part I have not had too many protests with some of the changes but this one goes a little too far. We started the season with a 12 start max - which is admittedly high - but to go this drastic affects line-up strategy too much and certainly would have affected my draft strategy. A max of 9 or 10 is understandable because it would prevent someone from hording 7-8 starting pitchers and starting them every week.

Keep in mind, having too many starts can also hurt you - ask 3K and how Wang affected him last week.

ARodsACyssie said...

I certainly understand the implications of have too many starts for a week. Although I have to concur with Ed that a max of 7 is way too low.

What is the penalty? You imply that a penalty would be imposed but don't state what that would actually be?

Come on PG, this league is becoming horseshit with the multiple changes every week. I thought the entire purpose of the Fantasy League Bible was to remove any doubt on rules throughout the season. The fact that you continue to throw a new rule at the league every week is becoming ridiculous.

What's next, a maximum amount of players from one team?

PG said...

He who curses the league will find his way out of it very quickly.

As I mentioned, this is the inaugural league and like any other endeavor, the kinks have to be worked out. Nothing is perfect in it's inception (and this league is no exception).

This issue was not addressed in the rules because it is literally impossible to cover every single base. The initial season will see situations that have to be addressed.

Since we obviously have a kitchen that is wall to wall cooks, I thought we'd take this opportunity to talk it out. So make sure you make your opinion known (if you haven't already).

Mr. Hackman said...

Yes, obvioulsly 7 max starts is to low, but at the same time 5 min. starts wont work either. I have 5 starts scheduled for this week, A.J.'s only start is Saturday. If his start gets rained out and his start is pushed to the next week...then I am screwed with only 4 starts for the week.

ARodsACyssie said...

First off, don't make idle threats.

Second, since when did you become so democratic? You ask us to "make our opinion known" but then when we do it is ignored. Much like the TIES scenario last week.

Here's my opinion, a novel idea:

Any amendment to the league rules requires a vote by all owners of the league. A seventy five percent (75%) majority will automatically pass the amendment without the commissioner’s approval. If over two-thirds (67%) of the owners, but under seventy-five percent (75%) approve an amendment the commissioner will make the final ruling, with the good of the league in mind. In the proposed amendment fails to garner 67% of the league vote it will fail.
A – An appeal can be made to the assistant commissioner if an owner feels that the commissioner did not act with the best interests of the league. If three or more owners appeal the same ruling the assistant commissioner will rule on the issue and can overturn the commissioner’s ruling if he feels that it was not made with the good of the league in mind.

Oh wait, this is already a rule in our league. Just one that is being totally ignored by the commissioner who is wielding his power and changing rules as he seems fit.

PG said...

Nice try, counselor. Or should I say poor man's counselor (I'm thinking Joe Pesci from My Cousin Vinny)?

To clear things up, I made a mistake in initially saying in this post that the minimum number of starts was 7. Upon further investigation, a blog post from Saturday, March 21st clearly stated,

"To eliminate the ability to "work the system" we will be implying a limit on your pitching staff

1. You can have no more than 12 starts in a given week
2. You must have a minimum of 30 innings pitched in a week."

If you need proof, here is the direct link to the post-

Hmmmm, I wonder if I need to add an amendment that states it is at the Commissioner's discretion whether or not a manager will be asked back at the end of the year?

Michael said...

Just wanted to pipe in.. Fed Ed, nice win this week...

Edward said...

Yankee Mike - I am withholding any comments on the beatdown you were administered by the 2000!s until after our 2nd match-up. But thank you for the kind words nonetheless.

By the way, Adam Jones has an injured hammy - this could really be a problem for an offense that is already suspect. I just wish the O's would call up Wieters - Longoria was up this time last year. What are they waiting for?

PG said...

Speaking of injured hammys, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Rocco Baldelli has one.

ARodsACyssie said...

I wouldn't want to be party to a league where the commissioner can't be questioned.....

You can joke about hack attorneys but I referenced the amendment straight out of the fantasy bible that was put out the week of the draft. If the commish wants to a change a rule, ala the one about ties that you changed last week, then I propose you show me the 67% approval you got from the rest of the league.

Changing rules, saying 7 starts max then going back to 12...who's at the wheel here???

All I expect is fair and honest governing where "kinks" are put to the rest of the owners. After all I do believe this is OUR league.

PG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PG said...

You are correct, this is everyone's league.

I initially made a mistake (as I mentioned two posts back) when I agreed that 7 starts was the max (and then corrected myself by referring to a previous postthat was put out the week of the draft where the max was set at 12 innings and minimum was 30 innings).

Fenway Ed questioned the 7 starts max situation this morning, I did a bit of research and discovered that I had in fact made an incorrect statement.

3K, if you don't want to "be party to this league", simply say the word pal.

Anonymous said...

A league divided against itself, cannot stand!

Anonymous said...

Also, I would point this out in the fantasy bible:

3 – The commissioner has the power to change a rule in the constitution due to an unforeseen loophole, and that change will take effect immediately, but will not affect the current weeks lineups.

ARodsACyssie said...

"he who curses the league will find his way out very quickly"

"Hmmmm, I wonder if I need to add an amendment that states it is at the Commissioner's discretion whether or not a manager will be asked back at the end of the year?"

Just want to reiterate the threats that were slung my way today by the Commissioner. I simply question a thought process and then I'm made out to be the bad guy. At no point today did I sink to the commisioners level of threatening tactics. I'm simply one voice and if that means being berated by the powers then so be it. I can take those punches but the commisioner should know that I won't turn a blind eye to his haymakers. You want a fight, I'll give you a fight....that's the Chicago Way...and that's how you'll get Capo....whoops, sorry got confused.

PG said...

Come on, committing blasphemy on your own fantasy league is flat out sacreligious. You could get crucified in the ancient world for even hinting at it. Stop arguing for the sake of argument. You're turning into the Tony Peraica of this league.

T-Dub said...

Sweet Lord ... this was fun and I missed it today.

I was confused by the start deal, my bad. A rainout (Soriano, Pujols) and 2 Matt Kemp HR's are what I'm frustrated by ... washing out my 6-4 advantage and making it a 2-7-1 loss.

Clearly not lop-sided until #9 smoked me Sunday ... as I helplessly watched a 63 yr old Randy Johnson look 23 again ...

Highs and lows, ebbs and flows ...

Edward said...

In the immortal words of Rodney King...

"Can't we all just get along?"

And in the immortal words of JGer:

"Let's go Hawks!!!"

ARodsACyssie said...

A day later and now the commish is just trying to trump any charge against me. Blasphemy? What is this the King's Court??

Don't compare me to your County brethren! First, I don't even live in your county. Second, I'm not the one who rubs shoulders with them.