Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Keeping Score

Let's take today to discuss the stats categories. I just wanted to ensure that everyone was ok with them. In case you forgot, they are currently-

Scoring for Batting Categories
BA - Batting Average
HR - Home Runs
R - Runs
RBI - Runs Batted In
SB - Stolen Bases

Scoring for Pitching Categories
ERA - Earned Run Average
K - Strikeouts (Pitcher)
S - Saves
W - Wins
WHIP - Walks + Hits / Inning

Is everyone good with this? Does anyone have any ideas?

Let's talk about the tie-breaker. Right now, according to the rules, its says, "In the event of a 5 to 5 tie, the team with better statistics from their reserve players wins the week".

I know there was some discussion during the season last year (both pro and con). Let's get your input and see if we can either come up with a better solution or affirm the current rules that are in place. Fire away.


Cornholers said...

I recall the hub-bub from last season, which resulted in "ties" being a part of overall records. I didn't like this one bit.....I suggest putting a tie-breaker accord together.

I would like to think that allowing the reserves to determine the tie-breaker is best because it means that a team owner has to manage his bench just as much as he has to manage his starters.

Mr. Hackman said...

I disagree with letting bench players decide tie-breakers. For those who draft for the future, (Prospects, etc.) most their bench players accumulate 0 points. If we are going to do a tie breaker, I say lets pick one catergory to decide ties. If that stat catergory is tied then we move to another catergory. Didnt we do that during the playoff's? I think we used average as the first tie-breaker. I would vote to keep the current Win-Loss-Format that we have in place already.

Mr. Hackman said...

sorry. Win-Loss-Tie format.

New Linc said...

I agree with Mr. Hackman and support batting average being the category we use as a tie breaker.

Cornholers said...

Valid point with rookies on the bench who accumulate Zero points.

I'll ammend my support for the bench determining tie-breakers but will continue to seek an alternative to Ties. I think it is just very poor to allow ties in the overall record and standings.

Michael said...

don't like one category determing tie beakers.

Mike said...

I do not support bench players breaking a tie and would like to see us figure out a way to break a tie without leaning on one isolated category. What if a team drafted for power and RBI's? Having a tie breaker always come down to average does not seem like the best way to go about this. What if there was a rotating tie breaker category every week?

Michael said...

hmmm. interesting point on the rotating tie breaker. Could get confusing though...

Wade said...

If we don't stay win-loss-tie (which I like, ties are part of head-to-head over 162 gm schedule) ... I at least like the direction of the league here, and say that I would support the rotating categories if it came to it.

PG puts a calendar together and it is set for the year before season. However, does that mean that has to then break ties manually every week? I don't like that at all.

Just to check here, why don't folks like ties in a macro-sense? Of course we don't like ties when money hits, etc. I like the W-L-T format, though. I hate that I could play a guy for 6-7 days, easily we could tie here or there, and I am then a loser because we just don't want ties in the record? If we play neck and neck, why would we want to break ties over a 6-7 day period?

I would vote that a tie leaves the most representative snapshot of the week's head-to-head match-up and would keep the best teams, the one's that get the job done through the year, at the top the way its supposed to be.

I now say I am 100% against having tie-breaker's during the season.

(I am trending here ... I type until I have an opinion, then just send it to everyone. Sorry guys.)

I vote TIES stay.

I also vote I absolutely don't want the categories to change. 5x5 is fantasy baseball to me.

Michael said...

I am not opposed to ties as well. Wade, your rambling convinced me.. hahahahhaha....

100% for Wins, Losses and Ties..

Mike said...

Good points gentlemen. If rotating them becomes a little too cumbersome, then I am fine with a tie being left in place as well.

My main point was not having just one category consistently break a tie. If there is not a way to unlock an even match that is suitable to everyone, I say leave it "as is" since that is the true snapshot of what went down that particular week.

And hats off by the way to Ned Yost who has just landed a front office position with the Kansas City Royals. Ned, you were one of my favorite scrubs back in the day and I admire you for not letting the back of your baseball card get in the way of pursuing a long career in baseball.

Cornholers said...

Rambling Wade convinced me.....

I vote the format remains unchanged with ties figuring into the record.

Cornholers said...

Wow....seems to me that this week-long GM Conference came to a screeching halt!

IF this is PG's idea of a work week I'm happy he's not one of my employees.

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New Linc said...

Appears PG died in the Haitian earthquake and the Chinese have hacked the blog!!

Edward said...

Guess I should start reading emails and get reaccustomed to checking PG's Sportsworld on a daily basis - had no clue the GM Conference was underway! I guess I have been to consumed with hockey of late.

Happy New Year guys!

Michael said...

THat chinese entry is actually PG from one of his "work" assignments. Apparently he forgot to translate.

That or it is spam about mail order brides...