Monday, January 11, 2010

PG Convention 2010

I hereby declare PG Sportsworld's 2010 Fantasy Baseball convention open. As I have mentioned before, this week we will address some issues that fellow GM have talked about since last season as well as some new ideas. The object of the exercise is to have all of the stakeholders involved a seat at the table, and the power to mold the league something exciting as well as competitive.

With that in mind, let's get to our first issue. GM New Linc of the Salt Creek Sluggers, submitted this proposal. Let's discuss it, and please make your vote by 11:59PM this evening.

New Linc's proposal for the 2010 fantasy baseball season puts in place a "franchise tag" type of option for one player on each team. The specifics are as follows:
Each team owner MAY re-sign, if they choose to do so, one player on their existing roster who would otherwise hit the free agent market upon the condition that the player selected receives the maximum 3 year contract.

For example, of the players you have on your roster that are due to hit free agency this year you could select Hudson Street as your player to "tag" and give him a 3 year contract thus keeping him off the free agency market. Or, if you want a complete over-haul you could let all your free agents hit the market and roll the dice that you can re-draft him at a 1 or 2 year contract.

The rational for this option is to allow all team owners some flexibility come the start of each season and allow them to designate either a superstar or young talent to build their franchise around. It also mirrors the MLB with such teams/players as St. Louis/Pujols, Twins/Mauer, Marlins/Ramirez, etc.

A few notes here. Since we already have the Free Agent/5th Round pick system in place, if New Linc's proposal were to pass, it would not be effective until the 2011 season.


PG said...

So if I have this correct, New Linc, the difference between this new option and what we have in place currently is

1. You will not have to give up your 5th round pick to keep a player you put the franchise tag on.

2. You can sign your franchise player to a 3 year deal (you can currently only sign your free agent player/5th round pick to a 2 year deal.

Cornholers said...

I'm afraid I will have to hear further arguments for such proposal.

In my mind I don't think think it's fair for any team to be able to re-sign an expiring contract. More importantly I think the integrity of the draft will be hampered by allowing such a provision.

A provision such as this takes much of the risk out of the keeper league. Essentially you could sign a guy to a 1-year contract, allow him to play a season and see if he is legit, then automatically franchise tag him so he doesn't re-enter the draft.

I also think the league would be better if the "best of the best" were to change teams at least every 3 years. Why should one guy get Albert Pujols for the entirety of this league.

Mr. Hackman said...

Cornholers bring up some great points. I would have to agree with him at this point. If this proposal does pass, I agree that it should not take place untill next year.

New Linc said...

I should note that this proposal was sent to PG prior to the announcement of each team's ability to resign a player they claimed off the waiver wire.

With that option now in place it makes this proposal a bit moot.

The only modification I would suggest would be to extend the 2 year waiver wire claim/ 5th round selection to ANY player eligible for free agency with an either/or provision.

For example, a team may elect to "tag" a player for 2 years they picked up on the waiver wire in exchange for their 5th round pick (as is currently in place) OR "tag" a player with an expiring contract for 2 years in exchange for a first round selection. An owner may not do both.

Discuss, bash, modify, etc.....

Cornholers said...

Let me preface that I am not bashing anyone's suggestions in this forum, simply stating my thoughts on the idea.

I thought the "bible" was formed with the advent that no team could retain any 1 player for more then 3 years without that player being subject to the draft once again.

Hence the reason why you could re-sign a waiver-wire player to a max of 2 years. The assumption being made that you already had the player for the one previous season.

I'm of the belief that this statute is in place to create parity in the league. Otherwise a very savvy team owner could ladder his contracts of Pujols, Mauer, and Lincecum so that he always retains those players keeping them away from the rest of the league.

The waiver-wire provision is nice because it will very rarely be a TOP GUN, as those players are unlikely to be exposed to the waiver wire. Case in point is the fact that I picked up an un-drafted Kendry Morales in '09 prior to him completely going off and he went on to put up MVP numbers. Instead of losing him, I can choose to retain him for 2 more years, putting him on my roster virtually 3 years.

Bisho said...

Cornholers explained it perfectly in his last post. You signed a guy to a 1 year deal for a few reasons:
A - The step-ladder contract system put in place prior to years 1 draft (8 contract years to 1st 2 pick, etc, etc)
B - You had no confidence that he would be a contributing factor beyond 1 year

We have the 5th round/waiver wire deal in place to reward an owner for picking a player off of waivers, and penalizing him a 5th round pick for doing so. I vote "no" to being able to resign a 1 year contracted player slated for free agency

Mike said...

I am with Cornholers and Bisho on this one.

I believe the system that is currently in place provides the owner with the option of rewarding a good waiver wire selection at the expense of a draft pick. The franchise tag, which in theory is a pretty good idea, unfortunately protects a core group of players from ever re-entering the draft. Free agency happens in baseball, and should happen in this league.

Cornholers said...

I'm with Bisho. I vote no.

Also, Bisho, I hope PG informed you of your league fee. I owe you, so I got yours covered.

Bisho said...

Indeed Tony...that works

PG said...

I agree with Tony, I vote no.

Wade said...

I vote 'no' as it has been explained. I offer that a franchise tag addition is only appealing for an expiring contract of any sort, such that the frachise player is a stud you can't give a contract to. I think its an interesting option IF we were in a 10-year league as opposed to 6-year. The 6-year period should not allow any one player to be on a franchise for more than 50% the life of the league ... and I think a franchise tag applying to a lesser contract seems less like the idea in an NFL, for instance. The NFL attaches franchise tags to expensive, aging players. I think the 5th round idea is solid. I will say I thought the 5th round option was only that a player be signed for 1 additional year, much like a franchise tag - I now understand that better, too.

I vote 'no', but if we ever dig into a 10-12 year league - I like the thought of a franchise tag. I think its creative, New Linc. I think in a 6-yr life of this league, we need to encourage some excitement in the draft, as I believe the good 3k mentioned.

Did I just ramble? Probably. I vote 'no' as it is explained. There it is simply.

Michael said...

uh.. no.

sucks coming in late..

Michael said...

I think that might have come off wrong, just nothing to add to what has been said. Not a bad idea.

10-12 year league? that could be really interesting...

Cornholers said...

This isn't a 10-12 year league? I guess I just totally assumed we would eventually hold that live draft at the retirement home!

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