Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 2

A lot has been said about the league's finances, so 3K and I propose instituting a system for payments. The initial $100 will be due BEFORE draft day (which is at the end of March so I don't see it being a problem). Those who do not pay before draft day will not be able to draft (and their team will go to autodraft). Hopefully it won't come to that.

As far as transactions, the first installment for transcation payments will be the end of All-Star weekend in July. For those who do not meet this deadline will not be able to make any trades or free agent pickups until we receive payment.

The second installment for transaction payments will be at the end of the season.

I think this is a sensible idea and one that will keep the league's finances in order (and ensure prompt payment to the winners).

Also, if you notice in the league rules, the points system (points awarded to each team based on where they placed at the end of the season) is a tad askew (if was accidentally based on a 14 team league). So I would like to offer an amendment to adjust the points distribution to a 12 team league. It will be adjusted as follows-

1st place- 16 points
2nd place- 13 points
3rd place- 10 points
4th place- 8 points
5th place- 7 points
6th place- 6 points
7th place- 5 points
8th place- 4 points
9th place- 3 points
10th place- 2 points
11th place- 1 point
12th place-0 points


Cornholers said...

I'm all for the stricter guidelines on payment.

I might suggest we discuss draft day at some point this week. How many rounds? How to fill the roster? I presume it will be a little bit different due to this being a keeper league and some teams having more needs in the draft then others.....

Anonymous said...

Good plan on finances.

New Linc said...

I'm in agreement with the change.

PG said...

To be official, I am good with both scenarios.

Mr. Hackman said...

Like Cornholers, I am also interested in knowing how draft day will work. I assume we already know what the draft order will be.

Bisho said...

Draft order has already been determined...PG will be sending out shortly.

I'm in agreement with both changes

Michael said...

all good in the hood

PG said...

As far as draft day, yes, I'll be sending something later this week. The draft order has been set (and was part of that spreadsheet that I sent out last week). There are 25 set players on each person's roster, so the number of players that are currently on a GM's team will determine the number of rounds there will be.

For example, the CO Yankees have 15 players. Let's say he decides to sign his free agent (which would up the number to 16). That means he will be drafting in rounds 1 through 9.

Hope that makes sense.

Wade said...

Hang on, wouldn't he draft only in rounds 16 through 25?

A guy with 13 players doesn't draft 2 or 3 guys before the guy with 16 retained? I thought that a keep meant you don't draft in a given round if you have players.

I could be wrong, could I have some thoughts here? I am not sold that my thought is right, just wondering how it would work if one guy has only 8, and another has 16 ... the guy with 16 with draft in the first 9 rounds then and be done, while those with remaining picks get in the open "after" everyone else is done?

Talk this through for me. I'm not even sure I care, probably will always shake out "ok" because of the credit format - talk to me. I'm totally not with it right now.

Wade said...

Not with it, meaning I am not thinking this through straight on my own. Assuming this is simple, and might lean on Bisho to confirm his league is in fact one way or the other. Thanks for humoring me.

Bisho said...

not sure i understand where you're going here...but, I'll try to explain. Our roster consists of 25 players. We signed those 25 players to 1,2 or 3 year contracts based on the tiered system implicated prior to the year 1 draft. We'll take my team for example. I currently have 14 players under contract going into year #2. I'm going to keep 1 of my FA and lose my 5th round pick, giving me 15 under contract. I need 10 players to fill out my roster. I will have 27 credits going into the draft, 2 of those will go to my FA, leaving me with 25 credits to sign 10 players. I will have picks in rounds 1-4, and 6-11. Your # of draft picks will be determined by how many players you have under contract.

Wade said...

Good and done (thx for e-mail). No further questions. It makes sense, and I think I was there by the time I got done typing. You confirmed it, good to go.