Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Snapshot

Many say that a fantasy team lives or dies by their running back corp. Bad running backs, bad team right? Let's take a look at each team's rushing performance thus far.

1. CO Giants- 70 rushes, 484 yards, 6.9 YPC
2. Hoosier Heat- 75 rushes, 389 yards, 5.2 YPC
3. Chimps Gone Wild- 74 rushes, 376 yards, 5.1 YPC
4. Lawndale Longhorns- 68 rushes, 321 yards, 4.7 YPC
5. Nigerian Nightmares- 66 rushes, 319 yards, 4.8 YPC
6. Tallcorn Cobras- 69 rushes, 318 yards, 4.6 YPC
7. Team 11- 85 rushes, 309 yards, 3.6 YPC
8. Rusty Trombones- 65 rushes, 291 yards, 4.5 YPC
9. The Rockpile- 66 rushes, 240 yards, 3.6 YPC
10. Hot Dogs- 85 rushes, 206 yards, 2.4 YPC
11. Berwangers Brawlers- 51 rushes, 172 yards, 3.4 YPC
12. Jimmy's Daddy- 42 rushes, 123 yards, 2.9 YPC


Michael said...

Good post. I would add on that the good backs are the ones scoring tds. 100 yds a game is a nice 10 points, but you need to score the tds to win...

The problem is most teams employ 2-3 backs, one who specializes in goal line attempts..

Cornholers said...

Michael is right, the name of the game is TDs. Just look at Willis McGahee. He hasn't gained a ton of yards for me but does have 4 TDs thus far.

The biggest problem I see so far for the suffering teams is their RBs aren't getting into the end zone. As long as you're getting 12-16pts per guy, you're good to go.

I'm surprised how important DST has been thus far in our league. Really some dominating performances to put teams over the top.

PG said...

I've really been disappointed with my running backs (Forte & Kevin Smith)...small yardage, no touchdowns. What's interesting (and alarming) is that the Hot Dogs have the most rushing attempts (tied with Team 11). Running backs are key, it's the scoring foundation to any fantasy team, if I don't start putting points on the board, I can forget it.

T-Dub said...

I'm in shock, but love to see a multiple post week son!!!

Sometimes it's depth others don't have, given that's the main reason rb's are so coveted, it can sometimes be that you have serviceable rb's w depth around ... Know that sounds simple, but rb is so diluted to me with the 2 back systems everywhere .... He'll, guess I'm tech agreeing with all ... F it.