Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fantasy Football Re-Cap

Chimps Gone Wild-126
Roscoe Village Hot Dogs-78

The Chimps picked up their first win of the season by decisvely beating the Hot Dogs of Roscoe Village. Frank Gore and Andre Johnson absolutely went off, garnering a combined 395 total yards and 4 touchdowns. A bit of drama as they lose their starting QB in Matt Hasselbeck but not to worry, Matt Schaub, who had the best week of his career, is waiting in the wings. PG is starting to worry a little about his decision making skills as well as the talent on his team. You're not gonna win too many games when your two top running backs score a combined 12 points. Ugggggggggg-ly!!!!

CO Giants-145
Team 11-110

Giant Mike is sitting atop PG West tied for first place, and his team is absolutely coasting right now. Chris Johnson throws up a 45 spot, and Marion Barber gets 21 of his own. Oh, and I almost forgot, Cedric Benson sits on his bench waiting for an opportunity to shine. I wish I had his problems. Tough loss for Team 11, who made a good showing by passing the century mark. Exciting production out of Dallas Clark last night, 80 yards to paydirt right out of the box. This performance would win most weeks in fantasy football. But when you're in PG Sportsworld, the bar is set a little higher, isn't it?

Tallcorn Cobras-86
Lawndale Longhorns-83

T-Dub eeked out a nailbiter this week, as both teams put up C-level performances. Interesting to note not one player on either squad had 20 points or more. Something to keep an eye on. It was nice to see Terrell Owens show up to the party this week, and his 43 yard touchdown made all the difference in the world. Who know Superman Tom Brady would wilt under the green kryptonite that is the New York Jets defense. J-E-T-S-JETS-JETS-JETS!!!!! To me, I saw a quarterback that was throwing off his back leg because he's scared of re-injuring that knee. Don't worry, T-Dub, you always have your backup....wait...you didn't draft a backup? Hey Lawndale, can you explain your thought process of starting Kevin Walter at wideout this week? Sure, there was an outside shot of him seeing playing time...were you not by your computer come gametime? A Braylon Edwards play is a win for the Longhorns. Tough loss, champ.

Jimmy's Daddy-65
Berwangers Brawlers-43

You think the last contest was lackluster, only two players on both teams scored over 10 points in this contest. The Daddy's are 2-0 and are averaging 78 points a week. That's what happends when you have a cupcake schedule. This one isn't worthy of comment (or my time). Let's move on....

Hoosier Heat-90
Nigerian Nightmares-76

Mr. Hackman puts up a solid performance, as he gets to .500 with a nice win over the Nigerian Nightmares. Hoosier Heat shows consistency, averaging around 90 points in the first two weeks. Solid performances by Carson Palmer (finally)and Adrian Peterson were keys to victory. The Nightmares were loving Marques Colston and Matt Ryan this week, but I'm sure are VERY worried about their running back corp. Join the club, Linc.

Rusty Trombones-117
The Rockpile-93

The reigning champs continue in cruise control with a victory over Bronco Mike and The Rockpile. PG West is looking like a two team dogfight, and I'm excited to follow it through the season. 3K is running on all cylinders, and his Cardinals defense/special teams pick is paying dividends rather quickly. As long as his running backs continue to produce, I think we're gonna see the Trombones defending their title with gusto. Meanwhile Rocky Mike has nothing to be ashamed of, with great perfomances by Kurt "Mr. Efficiency" Warner and Ronnie "Wildcat" Brown. Even Kellen "The Soldier" Winslow put up some good points. I have a feeling The Rockpile won't be winless for long.