Monday, September 14, 2009

Fantasy Football Re-Cap

Roscoe Village Hot Dogs-122
Berwanger Brawlers-82

This is your textbook "statement maker". Whoever coined the phrase "defense wins ballgames" couldn't be more correct in this matchup. The Hot Dogs Eagles D scored a whopping 43 points, including 2 defensive/special teams touchdowns, 5 interceptions, 5 sacks, and 2 fumble recoveries. I'm crossing my fingers that The Ger's Chargers D/ST doesn't have a similar showing tonight against the Raiders. Meanwhile, the Brawlers enjoyed solid performances by Tony Romo and Devin Hester, who quieted concerns about his ineffectiveness as a receiver. If Cutler and Forte continue down this road, this is going to be a long season for the Hot Dogs.

CO Giants-79
The Rockpile-49

Giant Mike came up with a nice win this week, while Bronco Mike is left reeling after a subpar performance and an injury to wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez. After garnering only 7 points from his running backs and 2 points from 3 receivers, The Rockpile are scratching their collective heads about how to proceed. With Philip Rivers playing tonight for the Giants, Giant Mike may pass the century mark in points, and cement himself as a formidable fantasy squad. We'll keep an eye on his grade C performance from his running backs and receivers (save Santonio Holmes).

Lawndale Longhorns-95
Hoosier Heat-77

I know where Mr. Hackman and Lincoln Shane will be tonight..glued to their TV sets as this contest is far from over. 3K and I had a good laugh yesterday over the bittersweet situation Hackman finds himself in with Adrian Peterson. Come on, Hackman, come clean. You were cheering, weren't you? While Hoosier was cheering, Linc was most likely sobbing at the loss of Donovan McNabb. That one HAS to hurt. Meanwhile, Hoosier Heat still has Darren McFadden and Patriots D/ST to go and the Longhorns Nate Kaeding kicking for points tonight. Could Mr. Hackman be toasting to victory tonight?

Chimps Gone Wild-85
Jimmy's Daddy-62

Hef always had a knack for coming in at the last possible second and stealing victory. I've got news for you, it may happen again. The Daddy's tout Randy Moss, Antonio Gates, and Stephen Gostkowski tonight and the Chimps only have Lee Evans. Speaking of receivers, the Chimps have to be frustrated that Bernard Berrian was thrown to twice (with no receptions). What's that all about? Should be another excited finish!! I'll tell you what, if Hef can walk away with a W while getting no points from two injured starters (Steve Breaston and Pierre Thomas), he'll be a very happy man.

Nigerian Nightmares-98
Tallcorn Cobras-73

The Nightmares enjoyed a nice little week from quarterback Matt Ryan, and sleeper tight end John Carlson lived up to the hype by catching two TD's and almost eclipsing 100 yards receiving. T-Dubs squad put up two TD's in the tight end category as well, with resident dirtbag Jeremey Shockey racking up two of his own. I wonder if the Nightmares are panicking about Stephen Jackson yet? T-Dub needs 26 points out of Tom Brady and Terrell Owens to seal a victory. But not so fast, as the Fighting Okoye's have Wes Welker going for them this evening...or do they? Welker was listed as questionable but is expected to see action.

Team 11-70
Rusty Trombones-59

The battle of Lake Villa is raging, and 3K may just run the victory flag up the flagpole after all is said and done. The Trombones enjoyed good production out of his Green Bay contingent (Rodgers and Grant) and if he can keep that going with his San Diego squad (Tomlinson and Jackson), he'll walk away a winner. The 8 total points from 3rd overall pick Michael Turner and Chester Taylor may prove to be the achillies heel in Team 11's performance. It'll be interesting to see if anyone on his reserve squad will get the call in week 2.


Mr. Hackman said...

Was cheering hard against the Vikes. Actually Took the browns +4.5 in the game. Did win the Jets+4.5 and the Pack -5(came down to that 2pt. conversion.) Anybody got any strong feelings on tonights games? Usually I ask T-Dub...but he got his feelings hurt when I told him the state of Illinois was going to hire Cutler to endorse their "Pick 4" Lottery game.

Cornholers said...

Okay, can we just talk about that 2-point conversion last night. I've been reeling over this all day. I took the late line which moved to 5.5 points.

I can only assume Mike McCarthy went fishing in the off-season with Pete Rose because I see no other reason why to go for a 2-pt conversion in this situation.

If the Pack's fail they least 19-15, where a TD beats them. If they succeed they lead 21-15, where a TD beats them. If they kick the XP they lead 20-15, where a TD beats them. Every way they look at it the Bears need a TD....why go for 2?

Someone help ease my pain today, this murdered me!!!

Railsplitter said...

3k, you weren't the only one who could have rifled his remote through the t.v. when they converted that!

I don't feel strong either way. I love cheering for points, but Buffalo is bad. I think the Raiders put a few on the board tonight so the 43.5 there seems feasible. NE is now -13, lots of money heading that direction...