Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fantasy Football Re-Cap

Roscoe Village Hot Dogs-93
Jimmy's Daddy-69

Looks like the shoe is on the other foot, huh Hef? With concerns over his starting running back corp, the Hot Dogs get satisfactory production this Sunday (although both Forte and Smith still have not scored a touchdown). Jay Cutler and Reggie Wayne simply carried PG over the finish line. Look on the bright side, Hef, looks like Pierre Thomas is emerging as Leon Washington's replacement.

Rusty Trombones-110
CO Giants-88

Rollin, rollin, rollin...keep those Trombones rollin!! The battle of PG West has shown that the 3K isn't so Rusty, as the defending champions continue to show they are a force to be reckoned with. Willis Magahee has 5 touchdowns in 3 weeks, and is proving to be the anchor of 3K's running back corps. Worries over the Trombone receivers have been answered by Jerricho Cotchery, who is complimenting Vincent Jackson quite well. Speaking of receivers, it might be time for Giant Mike to put Brandon Marshall into the starting lineup. With Marion Barber on the sidelines, this might be a tough road to hoe for the CO Giants.

Lawndale Longhorns-104
Nigerian Nightmares-72

The Battle of Lincoln ended with Brother Shane victorious, and at 2-1, he looks for PG South supremacy (with Maurice Jones Drew showing him the promised land). And hasn't Mark Sanchez impressed so far this year. Linc got lucky after Donovan McNabb went down (good drafting on his part). Lake Forest product Kevin Walter is back from his hamstring injury and had a big game. My guess is he'll replace Braylon Edwards, who has to be frustrated at the Browns QB situation. Meanwhile the Nightmares were asleep at the wheel, starting Brian Westbrook AND Wes Welker. If they start Julius Jones and Santana Moss, he's in first place and his brother is sucking wind at 1-2. What a shame.

Berwangers Brawlers-84
Chimps Gone Wild-79

Big win for The Ger and his Brawlers, as he looks to build a solid season after an 0-2 start. Even without Larry Fitzgerald, the Ger was able to get some good points out of receivers Nate Burleson and Devin Hester. Something to keep an eye on is QB Tony Romo's 57% completion rate, ouch. So far, PG East is a two way street fight between the Hot Dogs and the Chimps, so this loss could be pivotal. The Frank Gore loss hurts VERY BAD, as the Chimps have to weather three weeks without him.

Hoosier Heat-69
Tallcorn Cobras-54

Lackluster game of the week, you both should be ashamed of yourselves. Let's move on.

Team 11-128
The Rockpile-67

The high-powered PG West division continues to pump out the points, and Team 11 does his part this week by throwing up a 128 spot. Between Peyton Manning and the Ravens D/ST, Team 11 has a strong foundation in a very tough division. And how about 35 year old Derrick Mason passing the century mark this week? Certainly makes up for Percy Harvin (who can run back kickoffs, but doesn't get any love from Brett Favre). I wonder if Bronco Mike is worried about his QB situation. He just lost Chad Pennington to a shoulder injury, and Kurt Warner played like a guy who stocks shelves at a supermarket. That 30 yard sack for a loss was flat out embarrassing. I don't care about his completion percentage last week, Kurt Warner sucks. It should be interesting to see if he'll use Felix Jones as a featured back (especially if Marion Barber remains injured). Oh..wait...nevermind. With The Rockpile scoring 209 points in three weeks, do I sense some trade offers coming?


Cornholers said...

Heat and TDub....ugh! What league are you guys playing in???

Michael said...

Nice win C hole. Steve smith only 3 points!!! That blows..

Should be a good race in the PG West.

I had been starting Marshall, but I put in the other Steve Smith and he did well...

Nick said...

Heat and TDub....ugh! What league are you guys playing in???