Monday, September 28, 2009


WOW, what a week. In the final innings of the week, Baby Bisho defeats the Tallcorn Cobras, unseating the #1 seed and shocking the fantasy baseball world. A dejected T-Dub checked in last night, quipping, "I knew it could pitching laid an egg, it'll take a while to let this go". The Cobras will take on Rocky Mike's Rockpile to determine the 3rd place winner.

Client #9 will take on #2 seed Jimmy's Daddy in the PG Sportsworld Fantasy Baseball final. The Daddy's have been playing almost flawless baseball of late. Hef, GM for the Daddy's walks into this week riding a wave of confidence. "How sick is my team, performing in the clutch?"

In the bottom bracket, Fenway Ed and Year 2000! will face Yankee Mike and his surging CO Yankees. In a sign that anything can happen, Yankee Mike points to the fact that a #12 seed can play for 7th place points. Only in PG Sportsworld.

For the 9th place slot, 3K's Cornholers will take on the Lawndale Longhorns. Be sure to check in during the week, final season points are riding on every game!!


Edward said...

Yankee Mike, as the Boss would say "You're going down, down, down, down. You're going down, down, down, down, now..."

Michael said...

just like your 8 and 0 start, the end result will be CO Yankee dominance!!! (why are the 7th place teams talking more than the first?)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I don't see the SwinGERS on there, is that a typo? hahahahahah

Baby Bisho said...

From March 26th, 2009. How close did we come to the Bisho's projected standings?

Projected Final Standings for Year #1
1. Lawndale Longhorns
2. Client #9
3. Year 2000!
4. Baby Gorillas
5. TallCorn Cobras
6. CO Yankees
7. The Rockpile
8. Jimmy’s Daddy
9. Clark & Addison
10. The Swingers
12. Hoosier Heat

Daddy said...

Bisho hit the #2 team on the head :)

PG said...

There's Hef...I knew he'd chime in at some point.

Mike said...

Playing for the bronze...I'll take it given my rough start.

I'd still like to punch each member of my team in the face for their performance last week.

I say we hit Scottsdale for Spring Training next year, I am sure I could "take a poke" at someone down there.

T-Dub said...

Good luck Baby Bisho and the Daddy's, been a good year.

Officially football season in TallCorn camp, GO BEARS.