Monday, September 14, 2009


Welcome to week one of the playoffs. I'm gonna walk you through the next few weeks, just so everyone is one the same page and there is a clear path to the finish line. First, the final power rankings (based on winning percentage)-

1. Tallcorn Cobras
2. Jimmy's Daddy
3. Hoosier Heat
4. Clark & Addison
5. Client #9
6. The Rockpile

7. Lawndale Longhorns
8. The Cornholers
9. Baby Gorillas
10. The SwinGERS
11. Year 2000!
12. CO Yankees

The winners of each respective division will get a bye in the first round of the playoffs as a reward for their stellar regular season play. Since this is a three week playoff, the #7 and #8 seeds will enjoy the same bye. So, for the purposes of this week, the Tallcorn Cobras, Jimmy's Daddy, Lawndale Longhorns, and The Cornholers will have a bye (your matchups this week have no bearing on the overall picture). With that, we will have the the #3 seed vs. #6 seed, #4 seed vs. #5 seed, #9 seed vs. #12, and #10 vs #11.

Next week, the winner of #3 vs. #6 will play the Jimmy's Daddy, the winner of #4 vs. #5 will play Tallcorn Cobras, the winner of #9 vs. #12 will play The Cornholers, and #10 vs. #11 will play the Lawndale Longhorns.

I hope this makes sense (it is a bit involved, but it makes the most sense and is the fairest way of proceeding. If anyone has any questions or comments, make them in the comments section (as always).

Why did I post a picture of Serena Williams, you ask? Anyone that threatens to shove a tennis ball down someone's fuckin throat is worthy of a PG picture post.


Cornholers said...

Why is 7-12 seeds still even playing? And what possible are we playing for?

PG said...

As I wrote in the body of the post, (your matchups this week have no bearing on the overall picture).

I simply put them on there so you it would be easier for your to follow your teams performance this week (without having to add up your home runs/RBI/K's/etc.

Michael said...

I am confused. DO the regular season standings equal the points for the overall 6 year plan? Or lets say I finish the playoffs strong and end up finishing 7th, do I get 7th place points or 12th place points?

PG said...

The points you earn is based on your place AFTER the playoffs.

Michael said...

thank you

Cornholers said...

So then there is something to play for. Total points for the 6 year winner. Got it.