Monday, August 24, 2009

Power Rankings

1. Tallcorn Cobras
2. Jimmy's Daddy
3. Hoosier Heat
4. The Rockpile
5. Client #9
6. Clark & Addison/Lawndale Longhorns

7. Clark & Addison/Lawndale Longhorns
8. Cornholers
9. The SwinGERS
10. Baby Gorillas
11. Year 2000!
12. CO Yankees

#5 and #6 spots are still WIDE OPEN. Keep this in mind. The Baby Gorilla's, who were treated like the Boston Red Sox this week, are still only 8 games behind Clark & Addison and the Lawndale Longhorns. I thought about packing it up, but I realized, I'M STILL IN THIS MUTHAFUCKA!!!!!!!

Will someone beat Heffley consistently? I'm sick of the Monday morning gloat filled IM's. Since I play him this week, I guess it's up to me. Bring it on, Hef.

I'll have further details about the playoffs starting this week. So stay tuned.


Cornholers said...

I'm getting closer...

Everytime I think I'm putting it together and inching closer to the Top 6 I take a step backward.

Speaking of steps backward...hello #9!

Michael said...

I think we should use the power rankings.. (of course I am not last in those)

Cornholers said...

Big week in matchups in fantasy...

Ger going up against C&A, with C&A taking it to the Ger and looking to sweep the leg and put him out of All-Valley.

Lawndale doing the very same to Rockpile which could change the entire look of this weeks power rankings.

And of course, I'm going up against my nemesis in #9. And although I'm sure most people have forgotten, I won't....I bet a C-Note with #9 on better regular season record. I've ground to make up here.

Anyone else notice how quiet Tallcorn has been? Me thinks his team has run it's course.

Anonymous said...

I'm ready to move on to football...

Wade said...

What else do you want me to do? I can only talk shit so many times ... anybody figure up my magic number yet?