Monday, August 10, 2009

Recap Monday

Some people view fantasy baseball as a leisure sport. Something to do to pass the time while having your morning coffee. Not here in PG Sportsworld. The following text was sent to T-Dub from Mr. Hackman yesterday- "Jess (Mrs. Hackman) is in labor, what were our final scores".

All I have to say is wow. Talk about dedication to your squad. Well done, Mr. Hackman, you have earned our Miller Lite Quote of the Day. Hope all is well with the wife (and new baby). Congrats!!

Baby Gorillas-5
Clark & Addison-5

Andy Pettite turns in a clutch performance last night to tie the game for the Baby Gorillas (lowering the team ERA to 3.55 for the category win). If only he would have had two more strikeouts, the Gorilla's would be tasting victory this morning.

The Rockpile-6
The SwinGERS-4

Fairly close matchup here, as Rocky Mike continues to hover in playoff territory. The SwinGERS are showing power, but they need to button up that pitching staff. The Zambrano injury certainly complicates things.

Jimmy's Daddy-8
Lawndale Longhorns-1

Some people comes out of the gates guns ablazin, some hang with the pack and flex their muscle down the stetch. Jimmy's Daddy would be the latter. A weekend of offensive dominance firmly places the Daddy's atop PG East by 15 and a half games, while the Lawndale Longhorns attempt to do their best Boston Red Sox Choke Artist impression.

Hoosier Heat-5

A very interesting matchup. Very rarely do you see 3 tied categories by weeks end. And make no mistake about it, this contest was as close as you can possibly get (with the exception of stolen bases and saves). The ERA category was 3.5474 to 3.5438. The batting average category was .2679 to .266. It's a tough pill to swallow for 3K, losses like this are hard to recover from. Meanwhile, Mr. Hackman is sitting in a hospital somewhere in Indiana explaining to his brand spanking new child that he won a nailbiter.

CO Yankees-6
Year 2000!-4

Tough week for Fenway Ed. First, Big Pop Out managed to make Alex Rodriguez look like a stand-up guy, with that embarrassing press conference that was deluged with slimy lawyer-speak and excuses cloaked in shades of gray. Then, he is absolutely MANHANDLED offensively by Yankee Mike and the CO Yankees. Brooklyn took New England and give it the old Patrick Kane FIST TO THE FACE. THEN, to add insult to injury, the New York Yankees ABSOLUTELY MANHANDLED the Boston Red Sox. Unlike the overrated and outclassed Boston Red Sox pitching staff, Year 2000! managed to win the lions share of the pitching categories(a silver lining in a cloud of suckiness). As the tattered and ragtag group of mopes from Boston put their tail between their legs and resume their rightful place as second fiddle to a real team, Fenway Ed literally fights to stay in the playoff race. Here's to hoping the two of you don't make it.

Client #9-5
Tallcorn Cobras-4

The Russian's cut!!!! The Russian's cut!!! The Fighting Spitzers made a statement this week that 1. they are not out of this 2. they can still win it all and 3. they can take on all comers. The difference? Power and speed. 15 total homers and an amazing 42 runs scores were the difference in this one. Meanwhile T-Dub is left scratching his head while looking at his 0 stolen bases this week. Amazing how important one category can be.


Edward said...

Talk trash when your overpaid prima donnas win a World Series.

With that said, what an impressive showing by the Yankees this weekend. It scared me to see the shots in the dugout and how those guys are a TEAM in spite of ARod. Yankees are clearly the front runners.

As for Papi, I don't know who to believe anymore and I am incredibly disappointed but not necessarily surprised about the revelation. But it is interesting how all of these top executives with MLB AND the union are coming to his defenese whereas you could hear crickets when the news came out about ARod. Ya know, I'm just saying...

Edward said...

PG - you should send out a tweet when you put up a new post so we can all log in and check out the posts.

PG said...

Good idea, will do.

Michael said...

It finally looks like Cashman has made some smarter moves than Theo.

Cash used to get the old broken down vets (Smoltz) for a run and it never worked out.

Ortiz did kind of make Arod look like a stand up guy. Papout said he wouldnt make any excuses but that is all he did...


Cornholers said...

First let me congratulate Hackman. Congrats on the new baby and the win. How can I be upset over a win to a new daddy. Good man.

Second, I don't know how PG does it but it takes an innocent Monday Recap and in a matter of a few sentences degrades the entire New England area. Well done.

Finally, T-dub is a real POS for not taking care of business when he needed to. How do you let #9 walk all over you like that. Seriously, T-Dub could of used a little help from you this weekend and you laid down like the Red Sox batting order.

Edward said...

Let's not be praising Cashman too much there. Remember how easy it is to sign free agents when you have twice as much money as every one else to play with. Not that Epstein's job is much more difficult either since they have the 2nd or 3rd most money to play with. If the Yankees had anyone in the heart of their line-up that was homegrown that would be saying something.

Gene Michel is still the best GM the Yankees have had in the Steinbrenner era.

Cornholers said...

If any GM should be getting praised these days it's Kenny Williams. Not just for landing Jake Peavy and possibly winning a claim on Alex Rios. Those are the easy things to do.

It's the minor moves that paid huge dividends that often go un-noticed -

How about the fact that he traded Joe Borchard for Matt Thornton?

Do you think Philly would like to have Gavin Floyd back?

Same goes for Texas and John Danks. Wonder how Brandon McCarthy is working out for the Rangers.

KW puts his finest work in when the rest of the world isn't watching and all Cashman and Epstein can do is sign some veteran, has-been FA's to fill some time, ala, the Chad Gaudin's and Billy Traber's of the world.

Michael said...

Who in the heart of the Red Sox order is homegrown or not steriod fed? (hahahaha)

As for starters, You got the elf, the elsbury and the clown youk.. plus paplebum, lester,bard,

We have Jeter, Cano, Posada, Melky, pettite, joba, hughes, Mariano,

Theo did not get the job done at the deadline.

I am not saying that Cashman is the greatest GM, but just lately (last couple of years) he has been smarter with keeping youth and bringing in the right free agents...

Michael said...

sorry I forgot Clay, my point is pretty even homegrown numbers..

Cornholers said...

Well I'll defend Ed because he only stated if the Yankees had anyone in the "heart" of their order who was homegrown. Loosely defined as 3-4-5 hitters. The Yankees do not have homegrown talent there. Although I would say you would be hard-pressed to find a club that had a homegrown 3-4-5.

Although I won't totally defend Ed because his suggestion of comparing "homegrown" talent is just totally wrong. First, the Yank's have as many homegrown players as BoSox. Second, the value in a GM is not solely on the ability to grow talent, it's about creating an organizational roster that works together in the overall goal of winning a championship.

Guys like Cashman and Epstein have shown the ability to win a championship. Same with Kenny Williams. It's guys like Billy Beane, Dan O'Dowd, Jim Hendry and Mark Shapiro that don't deserve any praises. They can't win shit!

Mr. Hackman said...

Thanks guys. Lorelei Grace Lanie
Yes, after my all-time favorite player, Mark Grace

Edward said...

Yankee Mike, my point wasn't well stated, I meant under Cashman who have they grown aside from Joba, Cano, and Hughes that can be considered studs? (I'm not counting Melky who I think they would give up for another FA.) Jeter, Posada, and Pettite were pre-Cashman when the Yankees were winning titles because they were largely developing young talent and not trading it away.

Not that the Red Sox are swimming in home grown talent but Youk and Pedroia are homegrown and they also developed Hanley Ramirez (you can defend trading him because it resulted in winning a World Series) and have several good prospects waiting in the wings. I'm not saying Theo is the best GM in the game but I think it is a stretch to say Cashman is so great just because the Yankees swept the Red Sox basically because of guys they signed as free agents.

As for Kenny Williams, he has done a great job but he has had his shares of misses as well. If anything the White Sox have the best pitching coach in the game - Don Cooper is probably more responsible for salvaging Floyd's and Dank's careers don't you think?

Michael said...

Ed, not calling Cashman great by any means, just lately he is being smarter.... And I dont care how they did it, but HOW SWEEP IT IS!!!!!

Hackman - congratulations!!! Way to get the Grace name in there. I tried to get Jeter in there for my kid, but did not work.

Is that 4 kids this year for the PG crew? Emerson, Liam, Ryan and now Lorelei????

Edward said...

We should call this PG's Playpen

Cornholers said...

Holy crap, 4 kids born this season out of PG Sportsworld. I guess we don't ONLY follow sports!!!!