Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hey guys...I just selected the drafted order for this season's fantasy baseball league. Baby Bisho (co-owner of Client #9) witnessed the selection process via Skype (perhaps he will put something in the comment section to attest to the integrity of the process). So here we go...start strategizing and we'll see everyone on draft day.

FOOTNOTE-Was talking to Client #9 and he is part of a great keeper fantasy basketball league and we wanted to propose a system that would be the foundation of PG Sportsworld fantasy baseball league. It will make our league more strategic and exciting (for years to come). More details on Monday, so stay tuned.

1. Jimmy's Daddy
2. Client #9
3. Hoosier Heat
4. Baby Gorillas
5. CO Yankees
6. Tallcorn Cobras
7. Dirty 3K
8. Year 2000!
9. Lawndale Longhorns
10. The SwinGERS
11. Clark & Addison
12. The Rockpile


Baby Bisho said...

Legit draw. Good luck to all.....we'll have rules and regulations to vote on soon

mr3000 said...

OK, now I'm getting excited. Love the keeper league suggestions. Lets make this happen.

T-Dub said...

what kind of ideas, boys? let's do this so we can kick it around a bit.

mr3000 said...

I need more banter on this blog. We're 10 days from Draft and everyone is keeping close to the vest?

For instance, how far in the draft will ARod fall?

Michael said...

I am taking him in the 1st round if he gets to me..

T-Dub said...

are those crickets i hear again behind the pg's sportsworld url??

mr3000 said...

I know, what the fuck?

Less then 6 days until the draft and I've heard nothing about how this whole "keeper" league is suppose to work, or what about the rumor of drafting minor leaguers?

Seriously laggin' on the communication!!

Edward said...

Bad news guys, I am definitely going to be in Cleveland on draft day but I will be logging in. At worst, if I forget about the time difference I will be an hour earlier this year instead of two hours late!

T-Dub said...

Never thought I'd be able to say it, I love the WBC!!!

mr3000 said...

I figured I would say it!!

I really just want a USA vs. CUBA final, so I can harken back to the Cold War days of the 1980 Olympic Hockey victory!!

And by the way, how fast is Team USA. At one point in the 9th inning last night they had Shane "The Flying Hawaiian" Victorino on 3B, Brian "Bip" Roberts on 2B and Jimmy "J-Ro" Rollins on 3B. Lightning!!

mr3000 said...

I meant to say J-Ro on 1B...ya know what I meant.

T-Dub said...

3k, if nothing else, this can be our forum. Thing is, everyone is running! Didn't David Wright have a SB in the 6th or something, too?

I sent PG a text after Jeter muffed that ground ball up the middle in the Top of the 9th, said Rollins woulda made that play ... still think he would've. I'd relate that diving attempt to an Edmonds dog-it and dive attempt ... trying to dress up a play he could've made reaching under control.

(Ok, that was partially my attempt to fire up the Yankee contigency, partly actual thoughts.)

Michael said...

I am not going for that one T-Dub, but I knew a comment was coming once I heard he didnt make the play. I have not seen it yet.

I was not that interested in WBC, but I was a little pumped after last night's win. Yes, I am paying attention, it is baseball, but I think I am just getting more excited that opening day is coming quick.