Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Countdown To Draft Day

Ok, fellas. We're 4 days away from draft day. I thought I would take this opportunity to go over the finalized rules/parameters for our league.

This will be a keeper league. At the end of each season, each team is allowed to keep 3 players from their team. If you decide to keep two, you will get 1 supplemental draft pick (if you keep 1, you get 2 supplemental draft picks).

There was a lot of hub bub about the entry fee being so low, so I made the executive decision of raising the entry fee to $100. Please try and get your checks into me as soon as possible. My address is 3056 N. Clybourn Ave, #1N, Chicago, IL 60618. Each move after Opening Day will cost you $1. That includes waiver pick ups, trades, and moving players on and off the injured list. After making a total of 40 moves (totaling $40 dollars), you must send a check in for that amount before being able to make any more moves. This will ensure a level of fiscal accountability. The team with the best record in each divison at the end of the regular season will receive 10% of the total pot each. The team who wins the entire league will receive 50%, 2nd place will receive 20%, third place will receive 10%.

I have tried to figure out exactly what the deal is with the minor league option and haven't been able to get a clear cut answer. Having said that, we will NOT have the minor league option this season (perhaps we can roll out that feature next season).

Again, this is a 5X5, head to head league. (AVG, R, RBI, HR, SB and W, SV, K, ERA, and WHIP). Here is the draft order (snake draft)-

1. Jimmy's Daddy
2. Client #9
3. Hoosier Heat
4. Baby Gorillas
5. CO Yankees
6. Tallcorn Cobras
7. ARodIsACyssy
8. Year 2000!
9. Lawndale Longhorns
10. The SwinGERS
11. Clark & Addison
12. The Rockpile

Ok, that is baseline rules. I'm sure I have left stuff out and you guys have questions, so let's hear them. BTW, how gay is that picture?


Michael said...

I think these pics are meant to be a joke, which I think is pretty funny...

THanks for clarifying the rules, now my strategizoring can begin..

PG said...

Know A-Rod, are you sure that was meant to be a joke. If so, not funny (and not a good PR strategy, btw).

Any questions out there. Let's get them clarified before Saturday's draft.

Baby Bisho said...

Looking for feedback here:

The keeper system the way it sits is extremely flawed. Basically, you sign a guy, and you get him for life..which is totally unrealistic, and eliminates parity in the league. I have participated in many keeper leagues, and am currently in a 10 Year, that is very well run, and extremely competitive. We need to do 1 of 2 things

1. Assign a contract system (1-3 years) per player drafted. There will be limitations on how many contract years you can assign players per their round drafted

2. Lose a pick in the future years draft for the round you drafted that player in. Example:

Round 1 - Pujols
Round 2 - Manny
Round 3 - Ankiel
Round 4 - xxx
Round 5 - xxx
Round 6 - xxx
Round 7 - Brian Yee

If i wanted to keep Pujols, Ankiel and Yee...I would forfeit a pick in the 1st, 3rd and 7th round in the next years draft. This rewards taking a chance on a player in later rounds, and gives some sort of "penalty" for keeping your early picks.


PG said...

Guys, let's have a meaningful discussion on this, because I think this is the single most important issue on where we want this league to go.

PG said...

Forgot to add, I like option 1...for option 1 to work, we need to have some sort of time limit for the league (6 years?) and some monetary reward for the winner after six years (based on a points system).

Mr. Hackman said...

I like the Contract idea as well. My Question when could we place the contracts on players? After the draft, end of season, or at any point during the year?

PG said...

You would have to "sign' your players to 1, 2, or 3 year contracts 48 hours before the first pitch of the season is thrown (which would be Friday, April 3rd at 3:05PM CST).

ARodsACyssie said...

OK, the fact that you took Brian Yee in with the 7th pick is fuckin' hilarious!

ARodsACyssie said...

I'm totally in for the Contract Years format of this league. Although PG I think it would be prudent to finalize all terms and post the rules of the Contracts, because it is more intricate when it comes to the waiver of a player that is signed to a 3 year contract, etc.

This league will be more intense but I think we have a good enough bunch of guys here to keep up with and enjoy this kick ass league.

PG said...

Let's focus here...a few notable points....

We will have 30 rounds totals in the draft. That's 30 spots. You can draft as many A, AA, AAA guys as you want. We will NOT be using a minors tab (they will just be on the bench). This is important, because you might want to sign a few AA or AAA guys to 2 or 3 year contracts (thus, making it harder for you to lock up some of your top major league ready talent to 3 year contracts). So theres some strategy there (imagine if you signed Ryan Howard to a 3 year contract in the 2005 season).

You get 60 total credits to assign to 30 total playesr. You can ONLY use 8 credits on your first four picks (so if you sign your first and second round picks to 3 year deals, you have to sign your 3rd and 4th round picks to one year deals). Rounds 5-8, no more than 16 total credits. Through the 12th round, no more than 24 credits. Through the 16th round, no more than 32. Through the 30th round, no more than 60 credits.

And you cannot bank credits, you must use them all. This system eliminates signing your first 10 picks to 3 year deals and your next 20 to 1 year deals.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I've learned is that I'm basically flushing $100 down the crapper..hahahahahaha.

T-Dub said...

I'm with everything here on the 1, 2 and 3 year contracts. Think it would be cool, entertaining, etc.

I am not ok with 30 rounds of a draft ... dude, zero time to prepare for that ... I don't have 12 hours for a draft on Saturday, nor did I have any idea to prepare for that over the past month. Did you type 30 as a mistake? I would've hired a scout or two to go out and read spring training blogs in depth or look at stats from the CICL League as potential sleepers who haven't even played rookie ball yet.

Seriously, though. Let's have a real draft - make the call to go to a 1-2-3 year contract format ... leave the minors and the 4-day draft out for this year given the short notice - is it essential to the cause? If its a must, whoa, I'm in trouble. I know Cubs prospects ...

I'm all for the contract idea, fine with the money, etc.

ARodsACyssie said...

I love the idea of the contracts and I don't have a problem with 30 rounds. I'm a 30-in-30 freak and I continually yell at my wife for changing the TV away from channel 213. Although I can appreciate where TDub is coming from.

Maybe a middle ground can be found here. Cutting the draft to 25, or even 20 rounds. Then cut the credits to 48 or 54, although maintain the credit limit at certain intervals.

Although TDub, if you think about it you mine as well extend the draft and have 60 credits to offer yourself as many opportunities to protect your earlier draft choices based upon injury, etc. It will save you the $1 transaction cost of waiving players.

Mr. Hackman said...

I agree with T-Dub on this the contract idea though. Soo...say I draft Kevin Orie and sign im to a 3-year deal. He is then shot and killed by T-Dub for not making a routine play blowing a no-hitter for Wood. Can I give that contract to somebody else??..or am I shit out of luck?

Michael said...

I do think there needs to be some injury protection for someone who has career ending or long term injury that affects your credits for continuing years..

Emerson Rose Clark said...

Ok, guys....let's do this. Cut the draft to 25 rounds, keep minors involved (for those who need a crash course in minor league prospects-

Bisho, how do we manipulate the credits?

If Orie is shot and killed by T-Dub...provided he gets off the murder 1 rap, he will have to forfeit his 5th round pick and assume Orie's contract.

As far as career ending injuries and protection, here's my advice...don't draft Pedro, Kerry Wood, Mark Prior, Carl Pavano, or Aaron Boone and you'll be fine.

BabyBisho said...

Fine with shortening ti 25 rounds...makes the beginning credits at 50..but we'll need to re-allocate the alottment of credits to account for the decrease from 60-50. Proposal:

Rounds 1-4 - 8 credits
Rounds 5-8 - no more than 16
Through Round 12 - no more than 28
Through Round 16 - no more than 36
Through Round 25 - no more than 50

Keep in mind boys...the total roster is 25 players..there is no minors, but if you want to draft Emerson Clark, the first female first baseman for the Yankees..go ahead and asign a contract. Anybody who is loaded into the CBS system is eligible to be drafted.

Each year, you will be allocated a new batch of credits, depending on the # of open roster spots. If you have 14 roster spots open for year will receive 28 credits to allocate to those 14 players with no restrictions.

If one of your players get injured..put them on the DL. If they are gravely injured, and you have them assigned to a 1,2 or 3 year contract...tough shit

Regarding the 5th round / waiver claim. We all will be picking up players throughout the year because of injuries or suckiness..if you grab someone off the waiver wire the rubs you the right have the ability to re-sign ONE (1) waiver pick-up to your squad for the next 2 years, following the current year. If you choose to do so, you will forfeit your 5th round pick in the next years draft. Example...

Clayton Kershaw is somehow on waivers, and I pick him up due to a pitching injury on my squad. He pitches great all year (2009), and I think "geez...sure would be nice to have C-Dawg for the next 2 years" I simply let the commish know by a pre-determined date that I will be keeping c-dawg, and forfeiting my 2010 5th round pick.

any other away

BabyBisho said...

Also....we need a name for this league

Emerson's Future Boyfriend said...

So how do you treat contracts on trades?

BabyBisho said...

Contracts are traded with the player. For my other league, I just traded Miguel Cabrera (who is in the last year of his contract, so a (1)) for a 3rd round pick in the 2010 draft. Basically I'm loaded on offense, and 3 years of whoever I draft in the 3rd round next year (which is a great draft, as many great players are coming off expiring contracts) is going to be more beneficial than 1 year of Miggy....feel me?

T-Dub said...

would it be too much to ask for these rules being put into effect 48 hours prior to the draft to be in writing so we can understand them?

I'll read about every MLB's farm system in those next 48 hours, too. I'm not sure I would've been super effective anyway, so the ole auto pilot might come on by 4 o'clock. Don't like the HUGE twist to rosters thrown in at the last minute, but I'll deal with it. Commish is boss.

Back to the point, please, I implore you - put these rules in writing for us. Last note, I love the contract idea and hate everything about the rule that says you can't drop and add, drop and add a guy ... Bisho, is that mandatory here? Maybe that's not part of the discussion, but I guess that's why the rules need to go on paper.

Sorry for the borderline complaining ... this just feels like a major change at a last minute with little to no regard for my addiction to winning.

PG said...

Final details will be written in a document (a constitution of sorts).

Don't worry, T-Dub, you will be able to drop and add all you want.