Thursday, March 19, 2009

Draft-Contract Example

Ok, let say we have already had our draft, the following are my first four picks.

Round 1-Hanley Ramirez
Round 2-Mark Texeira
Round 3-Shane Victorino
Round 4-Alexei Ramirez

Under the updated points system Bisho gave in the comments section, I have 8 credits to apply for the first four rounds. Hypothetically, I will apply them as such-

Hanley Ramirez-3 year deal (3 points)
Mark Texeira- 2 year deal (2 points)
Shane Victorino 2 year deal (2 points)
Alexei Ramirez 1 year deal (1 point)

So I had 8 points to spend and I spent all of them (keep in mind I don't have to spend all 8 points if I do not wish to). Let's move on...

Round 5-Melvin Mora
Round 6-Dan Haren
Round 7- Bobby Jenks
Round 8- Alexis Rios

So for rounds 5-8, no more than 16 total credits, so I have 8 to spend...

Melvin Mora-1 year deal (1 point)
Dan Haren- 2 year deal (2 points)
Bobby Jenks-1 year deal (1 points)
Alexis Rios- 3 year deal (3 points)

So I spent 7 credits this time (hording a credit for later down the draft). Let's move on...

Round 9-Francisco Liriano
Round 10-Jayson Werth
Round 11-Clayton Kershaw
Round 12-Jacoby Ellsbury

So for rounds 9-12, no more than 28 total credits, so I have 13 to spend(keep in mind, I don't have to spend 13 credits here...if I want to save them for later in the draft, I can do that)...

Francisco Liriano 3 year deal (3 points)
Jayson Werth-2 year deal (2 points)
Clayton Kershaw 1 year deal (1 point)
Jacoboy Ellsbury 1 year deal (1 point)


Round 13-Kerry Wood
Round 14-Eric Byrnes
Round 15-Eric Bedard
Round 16-Dayan Viciedo (MINOR LEAGUER)

So for rounds 13-16, no more than 36 credits. I have spent 22 so far, so I can spend 14 here (if I choose).

Kerry Wood-1 year contract (1 point)
Eric Byrnes 2 year contract (2 points)
Eric Bedard 3 year contract (3 points)
Dayan Viciedo-3 year contract (3 points)

NOTE-I spent 9 credits there, so now I have 31 credits total.

Round 17-Travis Snider (MINOR LEAGUER)
Round 18-Billy Wagner
Round 19-Colby Rasmus
Round 20-Josh Vitters (MINOR LEAGUER)

So now (according to Bisho's numbers in the blog comments), we can use our points however we want through round 25. I have 31 I need to spend 19 more. Here is what I do...

Travis Snider-3 year contract (3 points)
Billy Wagner-1 year contract (1 point)
Colby Rasmus-3 year contract (3 points)
Josh Vitters-3 year contract (3 points)

So I spent 10 credits there for a total of 41 credits. I have 9 credits left. So I have 9 credits to spend for rounds 21-25. If you want to sign minor leaguers to 3 year deals, you'll probably want more credits at the end of the draft (which means signing players to 1 or 2 year contracts at the beginning).

I hope this helps a little.


ARodsACyssie said...

Just to be clear on an issue TDub brought up and correct me if I'm off base:

1) Players can be added and dropped as frequently has a manager feels is necessary for his roster.
2) If you drop a player who was signed to a 3 year deal he goes into the pool and any manager can pick up that player, but the players contract doesn't follow (instead it's just a 1 year deal).
3) If you drop a player who was signed to a 3 year deal you assume negative 2 credits upon the next years draft
4) If you trade a player, the contract follows the player

Am I right?

I agree that this needs to be written in stone and sent out to each manager so there is no discrepancies come Saturday.

BTW - I can not wait for Saturday and am now happy that I'm doing it from my home office as I will need the utmost concentration!!

PG said...

I want to reiterate that the new rules should not change ANYTHING about the draft on Saturday. With the exception of drafting a few minor leaguers, your strategy on how to draft should be the exact same.

After the draft, you will be tasked with signing your players.

I will send out a rules sheet by COB today. Everything will be clear.

ARodsACyssie said...

PG - check your inbox, I just sent you a rough-cut of some rules. Lets complete this today.

BabyBisho said...

1) Correct
2) Correct
3) Correct
4) Correct

T-Dub said...

Comment on Free Agency.

This 25 round draft that allows you to take 25 MLB players (no specificity to 'x' # of minor leaguers, etc) will completely kill the free agent pool, with all due respect.

People will sit on many viable FA's that should NOT be on anyone's bench. There should be a normal max for MLB players, otherwise there won't be any free agency ... it will not exist. Shouldn't we have a max 15-16 MLB'ers on a given roster? Whatever a normal draft/league would have? If you want to play this minor league game, just say 10 minor leaguers from there or something ...

Sorry ... maybe I'm just too dumb to get the concept. (I wouldn't rule that out.)

Mr. Hackman said...

This sounds pretty good...just seems like a bunch of work for the commish to keep track of throughout the year..(adds,drops,trades, keeping track of negative credits for next year, etc...). I am sure you will want us to keep track of all of our own transactions as well in case of any differences with the records you are keeping.

PG said...

Nope, all moves (free agent pickups, trades, etc) is all handled by CBS sportsline. There is no need for you to keep track of anything. Just draft, set the lineup and have fun.

PG said...

Ok, T-Dub, we'll winnow the pool down to 20 rounds. Is that good?

T-Dub said...

I'm just curious, am I the only one worried about the possibility that 300 players could be signed to a roster (that's half of the league)? Tell me if I'm off my rocker ... I love the contract stuff, just don't get the extras.

(Have I mentioned that yet?)

I'd say we cut it to 20, but max 15 MLB players ... then you get your minors but don't make it impossible to look for a FA when I shoot Kevin Orie.

Just trying to help, sorry if I'm being a pain ... killing FAgency seems like death to an active league.

T-Dub said...

hang on, how many on our roster ... I mean 17 ... not 15.

ARodsACyssie said...

I can't stand FA. It seems like in these 10 or 12 team leagues I can just go to FA and p/u a replacement player. Too many owners take this route which makes trading amongst owners nearly obsolete. I betcha the amount of trade transactions that ocurred in the league last year are in the single digits.

Prior to agreeing to cutting the draft down to 20 rounds I need clarification how many rounds we had last year, how many roster spots we need to fill and how many bench/minor spots we have?

Is TDub the only one in the league that feels this strongly about the topic? I wish there was another guy to share in his views so that we could have a consensus and I certainly don't want TDub to feel alienated and that the only person he can turn to is Kevin Orie.

Ryan said...

I'm no fan of having gigantic rosters and no free agent pool. I really don't see the problem with an owner having the ability to run to the wire to fill a need (if he deems it financially prudent). I know we've talked this number down, but 30 roster spots unnecessarily wastes draft time. I'm really not interested in waiting around and grabbing Matt Nokes in the 27th round.

In terms of trades, my experience has been that the inherent flaw in most deals is that one owner (or both) completely overvalues his player and the deal is a non-starter. Perhaps FA contributes to this, but that has not been my experience.

I am really looking forward to this season and this league. Perhaps I'm a simpleton, but I feel like we are out-thinking ourselves here.

ARodsACyssie said...

We're not out-thinking ourselves here, then again I'm the guy who even handles the minor league portions of video games.

Hey, who wants to have a minor league fantasy league??

PG said...


Better yet, let's do a low-A fantasy league.


ARodsACyssie said...

Don't laugh I've already been scouting a Hawaiian catcher who played in Kannapolis last year for the Sox. His name is Matt Inouye and he threw out 50% of base stealers just a year ago.

Oh yeah, the Kannapolis Intimidators are the A team (not A+, just A) for the Sox.