Saturday, February 7, 2009


Ok, Yankee haters, have at it. Let's hear it.

A few things here-A-Rod was part of a list of 104 players that reportedly tested positive for steroids. I'm curious to know who the other 103 players are. Big Papi? Curt Schilling? Jorge Posada? Pedro Martinez? Let's hear those suggestions! Amazing that union hack Gene Orza was running around warning players when testing was going to happen.

Through all of this, I keep thinking about Greg Maddux. Let's face it, the guy never used steroids (he looks like your out of shape uncle who eats all of the macaroni salad at the family BBQ every year). This guy simply dominated during the steroid era. That speaks volumes.

For all who doubt the MLB Network, this is their coming out party. They were right on top of this, and are providing up to the minute coverage. I am officially boycotting ESPN (because quite frankly, they don't give baseball it's due).

Will this change your strategy of drafting A-Rod to your fantasy team come draft day??

I'm liking Jose Canseco more and more every day. Who's with me?


T-Dub said...

I'll be honest, the NFL and MLB Networks are getting a major chunk of my TV time nowadays, I agree their specialization is my addiction.

The fact of the matter is, we either overlook steroids as a whole, or we harshly realize that the 104 players are most likely going to point to 4 or 5 of everyone's favorite players and ruin everything about baseball for each of us.

Well said, my memories will be guys like a Maddux ... or better yet, a Mark Grace-type, who was more preoccupied with lighting a fresh cigarette from his newest pack of Winston's than using any HGH or steroid.

PG said...

I think one of the interesting side-stories to this news is just how the MLB Network handles it. So far, they have done an outstanding job in their reporting and analysis. But keep in mind, this is the MLB Network, owned by Major League Baseball. It's state runned television. Watch out for extra criticism placed on the players union.

mr3000 said...

The first three buttons I press on my remote when I get home 2-1-3. The channel has me hooked. There really isn't anything that I won't watch on that channel. All they have to do is snatch up Erin Andrews and Im done!

There isn't one player from the majors from the years of '98 to '04 that I do trust. As far as I care they were all on the juice. That doesn't bother me, I just don't get impressed with any of the inflated stays and it reaffirms how great guys from the past were.

Arod can suck it!

PG said...

Bob Costas said something pretty interesting on the MLB Network...the 2003 test was supposed to be an anonymous survey test with no punishments attached (punishments for positive tests started in 2004). 1. How did these anonymous tests get revealed 2. Why didn't the players association see to it that these tests were destroyed and 3. since this is part of an ongoing investigation and trial, aren't there legal ramifications for leaking the information?

Michael said...

Just shows even more how MLB gets killed over steroids, but the in NFL, it is not even worth a major headline..

As far as Arod goes, he should come clean if it is true, apologize, (the Giambi and Petitte route) and move on.

Not putting Arod as the victim here, but if this was supposed to be sealed and annonomous information, how in the hell does a SI reporter get their hands on this? Where are the other 103 names? Smells like a witchhunt to me. Joe Torre's book would have not been as huge of a story if Arod's name was not mentioned. My feeling is this report is going down the same path.

Hard to trust anyone, 3K is right about that. There seems to always be something that even past players were on as well though.

PG said...

BTW, I love this- Selena Roberts just said there are no other names of players in the upcoming magazine story. She said she uncovered this information while working on a profile/feature on Rodriguez.

Yeah right. She was doing a story on A-Rod and just happened upon this information. I'm not saying there was any axe to grind here, but let's be honest. She got this information from someone and that was the motivation for the article.

Michael said...

BTW, my MLB Channel..


Gotta love it..

Edward said...

I believe the info was found as part of the government's case against Bonds and it was in there. I read somewhere that the evidence will likely be thrown out.

This ARod story is not news, I've heard rumors about it long before this.

T-Dub said...

Reason # 13,158 I love MLB Network ... Kerry's 20k game was on this afternoon.

PG said...

Speaking of steroids...

mr3000 said...

Reason # 13,159:

Randy Johnson's 19-strikeout game vs. the White Sox in 1997. A svelte Frank Thomas struck-out 3 times that afternoon. The White Sox starter, Chris Clemons who made 2 starts in his short career, one against one of the more dominant pitchers of his time.

Of the 5 hits Randy did give up that night one was off the bat of Ozzie Guillen. A reach-out and tap me liner to the opposite field.

PG said...

I don't think Frank Thomas and "svelte" should ever go in the same sentence.

PG said...

"I don't think I've put anything in my body that could be positive on one of those tests," Posada said, later adding for further clarification, "I have never tested positive. My first language is Spanish. I know English, but my first language is Spanish. I have wanted to make sure I have never taken anything. I'm as clean as a whistle."

Do I sense a little backpeddling?

Michael said...

when was this?