Thursday, February 19, 2009

Draft Venue

Ger has been working on securing the venue for our 2009 PG Sportsworld Fantasy Baseball draft. As I mentioned yesterday, it seems like the Jefferson Tap is the best place to do it. Ger talked to someone at The Tap and we can reserve the upstairs complete with our own waitress.The reason for reserving a space is that March 21st is the first day of the second round of the NCAA basketball tourney, so bars may be crowded. As part of the deal, the server is guranteed a $75 gratuity for a 3 hour time period. So I wanted to run it by you guys before we booked it. So essentially, you would be paying for whatever you eat and/or drink and your share of the $75 tip. How does that sound to everyone?


Anonymous said...

Works for me.

mr3000 said...

Damn, that could be pricey if there are only 3 of us!!!

DWade and the boys better be coming up to Chicago that weekend. If we can tally up close to 10 guys then it is definely worth it and the gal might even make a little more then the $75.

BTW - what is the draft order?

PG said...

Well, Fenway Ed is in, and I believe Hef will be in as well (as he's never been one to turn down an opportunity to binge drink).

I know Schofield and McCreery were thinking of coming up, along with Shane-O.

I just don't want to walk into the place (without a reserved spot) and find the place packed with nowhere to set up our nerdy laptops and draft area.

mr3000 said...

I think the private area is key. Good call on setting that up.

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