Monday, September 13, 2010

Playoff Update

Ok guys, here are the brackets. Remember, this is a 6 year league and how many points you get at the end of the season matter on how well you do in the playoffs. Every category counts. Speaking of categories-

As per last years playoff rules, in the event of a TIE, the following list will govern who wins the overall contest....

Batting Average
Home Runs
Runs Batted In
Earned Run Average

So if there is a tie, whatever team has the higher batting average will win the week. If that category is a tie, then you move onto Wins. If that is a tie, you move onto home runs, and so on.

Let's talk payouts. According to the league rules, "The team with the best record in each division at the end of the regular season will receive 10% of the total pot each. The team who wins the entire league will win 50% of the total pot, 2nd place will receive 20%, third place will receive 10%".

So Tallcorn Cobras and The Rockpile will receive 10% of the total pot each (which, with a $1,200 pot, that's $120 bucks a piece). The winner of the playoffs will get 50% (or $600.00), second place will receive 20% (or $240), and third place will get 10% (or $120.00).


Bisho said...

I don't believe we payout the entire pot ($1,200). All/most of it should roll into the BIG pot, which is broken up at the end of the 6 year league. Feel me?

PG said...

The $1200 was always the pot...the money accrued by moves over the course of the 6 years makes up that final pot. So in year 6, there us a 1200 pot for season 6, then an additional pot for the money accrued over 6 years from trades, free agent pickups, etc.

Michael said...

When do we get the damage for the additional pot money? (that sounds awesome)

Mike said...

Love the bracket. Please tell me it is prominently displayed on the PG 'fridge next to Emerson's drawings.

PG said...

The "damage" from the additional pot money (sounds illegal) will be given to the teams that have the greatest amount of points at the end of all six seasons.

Remember, each team earns points based on how the finish at the end of each season. Those points accumulate each season. Which is why it is important that every team finish as strong as they can regardless of where they are at the end of the regular season.

Remember, the CO Yankees went from 12th place at the end of the regular season to 7th place after the playoffs. He picked up some much needed points there.

Rocky Mike, not only do I have a copy on the fridge, I have one prominently displayed on the wall at my office.

Hot Dog baseball rules.

Michael said...

I get that part, but all the roster moves - that is the damage I am talking about? Are you going to let us know how much we owe?

Jim said...

To find out how much you owe, simply go to the fantasy baseball page on CBS, go to the "League Home" tab and you'll see a "Finances" option. Click on that and it will take you to a list of teams and the amounts that each GM owes (as of today, Mike, you owe $11.00).

Cornholers said...

Did we ever collect the transaction fees from Season 1? When are season 2 transaction fees due?

San Demas High School football rules!!

Jim said...

Love when the guy in Bill & Ted's goes, "Everything is different, but the same... things are more moderner than before... bigger, and yet smaller... it's computers..


The fees from last year have already been collected and are sitting in the account I set up. As soon as I get the fees (and dues from some people) from this year, I can give you an update on our balance.