Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Approaching Playoffs

Ok, we’re rapidly approaching the end of the regular season for our baseball league. I thought I would give everyone a state of the union so everything is clear moving forward. Let’s recap-

If the playoffs started today, the rankings would be-
1. Tallcorn Cobras
2. The Rockpile
3. CO Yankees
4. Salt Creek Sluggers
5. The SwinGERS
6. Clark & Addison/Jimmy’s Daddy
7. Clark & Addison/Jimmy’s Daddy
8. Fenway Franks
9. Client #9
10. Hoosier Heat
11. Roscoe Village Hot Dogs
12. Cornholers

Make no mistake; the #6 seed is still WIDE OPEN (with 5 teams still having a shot). I cannot stress how important this week is for a number of teams. So stay tuned.

If you are not in the top 6, do not lie down and quit. This is a 6 year league, and points are accumulated every season. Remember, last year the CO Yankees went from 12th place to 7th place DURING THE PLAYOFFS, picking up much needed points for the overall 6 year payout. Client #9 went from the #5 seed to the championship game and an 2nd place finish.

Reminder, the winner of each respective division will get a bye in week 1 as a reward for their stellar regular season play. Since this is a 3 week playoff, #7 and #8 will enjoy the same bye.

From now until the end of the playoffs, I will be posting updated brackets as they develop (so everyone is fully informed of the situation).

Good luck to everyone! Play ball!!!!


Cornholers said...

I believe my record is a direct result of the lack of communication in fantasy baseball this year....

Jim said...

Yeah...that's the reason.

Edward said...

For some reason I thought top 3 in each division went to playoffs?

Jim said...

The top 2 in each division were seeds 1-4 and seeds 4-6 were the next best records (regardless of division)

In an August 2009 blog post, I wrote, "It should be noted that, in my opinion, every team in the losing bracket has a shot at the #6seed."

That clearly indicates that it does not matter what division the #6 seed comes from.

Edward said...

If that is the case that is the case but it is not written in the bylaws and I can't find it anywhere in the league home. I ask because it is not clear and putting it in a blog post doesn't mean we agreed to it.

If you look at last year's standings the top 3 in each division happened to have the top 6 records in the league so it was not an issue.

Jim said...

In that same blog post, I wrote-

"Fenway Ed was talking about retooling for next season. Dude, you are very much in the hunt."

The #5 seed at the time was Client #9 (who is in your division). If your claim of the top 3 in each division were true, you wouldn't be eligible.

Edward said...

That is fine. I wasn't really in the running last year and did not remember. We should be sure to add something to the bylaws defining who gets in to the playoffs. None of us can be expected to remember everything single thing that is said in a blog post.

Jim said...

It's funny, you seem to be the only person with amnesia about it.

And don't act like this is some little mundane detail, it's the question of who gets in the playoffs, everyone knows what the criteria is.

Jim said...

Ed, you sent me this text on Monday, September 6th at 9:48AM.

"Huge week in fantasy- 6 teams for two spots".

So, at what point did you make up your mind that the top 3 teams in each division get into the playoffs? Was it when you realized you were in third place in your division yet #8 in the power rankings?

Edward said...
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Edward said...

Actually Jim it is a legit question that I was asking - not sure why your panties are in such a bunch about it. Of course I am interested because in either case it comes down to the wire whether or not I make the playoffs.

If you looked at the standings you would see there are three teams in each division within a reasonable distance of 3rd place hence 6 teams for two spots. So it is not like I hatched some plan to try and get a rule change to get myself into the playoffs. It is still too close to call at this point and if my team goes into the crapper the next few days I would not make the playoffs regardless.

Jim you are making a bigger issue of this than it needs to be. I asked one simple questions because the bylaws DO NOT SAY HOW TEAMS QUALIFY FOR PLAYOFFS and the league website DOES NOT SAY HOW TEAMS QUALIFY FOR PLAYOFFS. Simple observation so before next year why don't we add it so it clearly states top 2 in each division and then the next 2 best records. I do not eat and breathe fantasy so if it was mentioned on some blog post over a year ago and I forget I won't bother you since you obviously think it is some grand conspiracy to skirt the rules.

Michael said...

It is probably more fresh in Jimmy's mind because August 2009 was his last blog post...

Mike said...

Hey Ohhh!

PG said...

Once again Ed, you texted "Huge week in fantasy- 6 teams for two spots" on knew what the playoff scenario was.

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