Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Belated Opening Day

To some, today is the day. For me, it was yesterday. Happy (belated) Opening Day everyone!

My Uncle Carl passed away this weekend. He was the biggest Yankee fan I knew. He was Italian, so of course, Joe D. was his favorite all-time baseball player. His funeral was yesterday (and I was the glad the Yanks could win one for him). Anyway, thought you guys would get a kick out of his mass card.

Good luck to everyone this season. Let the games (and trash talking) begin!


Michael said...

Sorry for your loss Jimmy.

That is a great mass card..

Great way to kick off the season with a nice win.

Mike said...

Sorry to hear about your Uncle the mass card.

Mr. Hackman said...

Really cool card

Sulceski said...

I remember Uncle Carl well, and the stories that went along with him.

I think the best thing was if you dare tell the man that Willie Mays was the best CFer of all-time.