Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Countdown Begins

Ok guys, we're rapidly approaching draft day. PLEASE take a look at your rosters on the website and cross reference them with the spreadsheet to make sure everything is in order.

I was able to add the keepers to teams I inadvertently missed, so everyone should be square on that front.

Reminder that the draft is this Sunday, March 31st at 7:30PM CENTRAL TIME (a little more than 4 days away).

Good luck to everyone, I'll see you in the draft room.


Sulceski said...

Do you mean Sunday, March 27th? March 31st is a Thursday and there is actually a slate of 6 games that day.

Other question...is Week 1 officially Thursday 3/31 - Sunday 4/3? And would that mean that we have until 1 hour before the 1st game on 3/31 to set our rosters for the week? Just asking so everyone is clear.

Anonymous said...


PG said...

Sorry, yes, March 27th.

PG said...

and yes, Week 1 officially starts on Thursday 3/31. I believe rosters will lock one hour before gametime.

Michael said...

I second the

TOPLESS... T - O - P - L - E - S - S